OMG - I have the worst spot you could EVER imagine!!!

It is absolutely horrendous, I seriously cannot believe how bad it is, its a proper blind one that is so angry, hard and painful. Due on in 2 days so I think this is me well and truly out of the running for this month :roll: Im about 8 or 9 DPO as I seem to ovulate quite late. Oh well, have prepared OH for the worst - told him I'm PMT, he's a bit gutted, but hey, this is only month one right?!

Now, just need to focus on getting rid of this EVIL spot/growth/thing that has taken up residence on my face!!!!! imageops:


  • oh honey i know how you feel!!!
    since i came off the pill i've just had one outbreak after another!!
    but if you don't normally get spots then it could actually be a good sign!!!
    good luck!!
  • Aah bless!

    Can I just say Sudocrem is a secret miracle spot cream!!
    I had an awful one the day before my wedding and my bridesmaid gave me some Sudocrem (yes, baby bottom cream!) and it was gone in time for my wedding the next day!


    Amy xx
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