I can still do the SMEP.....can't i?

Well yesterday was CD8 for me and i know the plan says to start "trying" on that day. Well my OH was really tired last night and he went to sleep so i was thinking seen as you have to "try" every other day could i start from CD10? I started to POAS this morning (CD9) because the CBFM asked me to but it came back as a low anyway.

Should that be ok ladies, i would have thought so but i wanted to ask???

Tink xxx


  • Hi Tink,

    I can't see the harm in it - I think it's more important to bd closer to the time of ov than earlier. I think you're meant to start on cd8 in case you ov early, but if you're using cbfm to monitor ov anyway and it comes up as low, you should be fine.

    ooohhh - have a good week of the plan and have fun!!
  • I won;t matter I'm sure! Especially as your cbfm says low. If you're worried why not start today??
  • Hmm good point moonandstars. I think OH will be getting some tonight whether he is asleep or not :lol:

    arls i will have a good week or so of this lol, apparently it is tiring so i will report back xx
  • You should be fine Tink, i'm giving it a go too, day 12 for me today!!


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  • you should be fine hun, just start today and count your days from then. i am going to start on cd8 anyway but i dont usually ov till day 20ish so probably wont start testing till cd14ish, although i have ov'd a couple of time on cd16.xxx
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