BabyPrincess where are you?!

Hey BP

you ok sweetie? xxx


  • Hi Cass,

    Wow, ive never had my own post before! image
    Im ok, Just been busy with workin g over new year and sulking about not getting a xmas pud!

    how are you? xx
  • Ahh, glad to see you back! Thought your own post would help you back! Tee hee!

    I'm ok too, thought I was 14dpo today, no AF no BFP either. But after putting my details into FF, it says I'm probably 11dpo after reading my temps. I really hope so cos I had a temp dip below coverline today, fingers crossed that AF stays away!

    You doing the SMEP this month? xxx
  • Baby Princess...I missed you!! I am sooo glad I saw this post looking for you as I have also been wondering where you have been!!

    So AF decided to show up last night, Im sooo gutted, I was 2 weeks late and really thought we had done it. But clearly not!!!

    Glad you are doing much better now. Please let me know what you are doing differently this month. We are still going to do smep. Just not sure about opk's - which ones do you use? I used the clear blue ones last month and I just cant justify spending that again.

    God luck hun, please keep me posted!! xx
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