How often should we be doing it?

Hi All

We are officially TTC now, I am having my withdrawal bleed now after coming off the pill

I have heard lots of different opinions on how often you should have sex when TTC due to swimmers being a little useless for a day or two after? Some people say every 3 days and some people say every other day.

What do you guys think? x


  • We were TTC for two months and in the first month we BD'd every day and had no luck, second month we BD'd every other day and got lucky with a BFP. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence but I wondered whether every day was too much for my husband's little spermies!

    Kat xx
  • Hi stace25
    Welcome & good luck. Every 2 or 3 days leading up to ov is good then on day of ov & day after.
    There is a smep thread on hare thats good to read & give you a better idea.

    Annette x
  • I watched 'The Great Sperm Race' on YouTube last night after it was recommended on here. It's fascinating and well worth a watch if you're ttc! I never understood how difficult it could be to get pregnant before I watched it! Anyway, on there they said that you should BD every two to three days if you are ttc and this should give you a really good chance of conceiving. Are you going to use ovulation tests or just see how things go hun? xx
  • They say every 2 to 3 days (so at least 3 times a week) is enough. Apparently if you do it every day the sperm arent of good quality! Thats what I read!! 3 times a week was fine for me! My LO now nearly 6 months old! xx
  • Thanks ladies : ) I think we are going to see how it goes for the first couple of months, without checking if I am ovulating etc, and then if no BFP in 2 -3 months then I will start charting and using OV sticks etc etc. Thats the plan so far so lets see how it goes : ) Hope it works : ) xx
  • Good luck and hope we hear of your bfp soon!! xx
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