Hello :-)

Just wanted to introduce myself. My name's Emma and I already have a 14 month old son and am now trying to conceive no.2. AF has just arrived and am now onto month 3. I've just ordered my CBFM, which I will start using tomorrow - very excited! I look forward to meeting you all and sending lots of babydust to everyone xxx


  • just wanted to say hello image we've got a 14month old son too and just started trying for our 2nd as well! im a bit nervous about the prospect of having 2 though, even though theres lots of excitement. do you feel the same? H x
  • Welcome to ttc!

    I have a 29 month old dd and we've been trying for a while now - I've lost track :lol:

    Hope you're stay is short
  • I feel completely the same. As excited as I am about trying for no.2, I'm also anxious of the sleep deprivation again as well as looking after them both, but I know having a sibling for him will be amazing for us and him. Did it take you long to conceive your son? xx
  • our little fella was a big surprise - i was on the pill. i'd had some other medication and was assured that it wouldnt interfere with my pill, but it did. so the big conversation about whether to have a baby and all the working out of dates and waiting for af is all comletely new and a bit daunting!
  • hello

    we are also trying for no2, if AF arrives on thurs i will be getting out my CBFM

    good luck x
  • Hi Emma,
    Good luck for ttc no.2! Im doing the same, this will however be my 9th month (just waiting for AF to arrive), but only my 2nd month of using cbfm and pre-seed...

    Good Luckimage xxx
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