Is a line a line?

Good morning ladies

I need help! I am at the beginning of my 10th day post ov today and we are going away fro the weekend so thought I would do a HPT - now I totaly did not expect anything as I have had no symptoms whatsoever, but i used a first response and there is a very faint second pink line. I woke my hubby to have a look and he agreed there was a line but couldn't decided what it meant. It is more pink towards the edges but very pale in the middle. It came up within 3 or 4 mins, but I now don't know what to make of it. If you hold it at arms length you cant see it really but just at say magazine reading length you can. SO my question is, before I get uber excited, is any line a line? please help!

Thank you


  • i would say yes hun....but would also do another test to double check! congrats!
  • sounds like it hun, maybe you should try another test.xxxx

    whispering congrats.xxxxx
  • Fingers crossed for you - maybe wait until tomorrow to test again. Sounds like very low HCG?

    wishing you lots of babydust xx
  • As they say, a line is a line! Because you tested very early the hormones aren't that strong yet, test again tomorrow for reassurance and it sounds like you'll have a darker line!

    Kat x
  • If it's pink then I would definately say test again just to make double sure

    *whispers* congratulations! image
  • thanks ladies, tryiing not to get too excited yet, but it's so hard! keep staring at it and trying to convince myself its negative so that I'm not disappointed tomorrow if it is a BFN. Not sure how I'm going to get through the next 24hours, let alone 9months if I am! fingers crossed for tomorrow and baby dust to all those waiting too! x
  • By the way - I also tested at 10DPO when I got my BFP and had a very faint positive with a superdrug test and a first response test!

    Best of luck for you, although it sounds like you don't need it!

    K xx
  • Good luck, it sounds positive to me!! Congrats xx
  • Sorry to gatecrash but it sounds exactly like my line at 9/10dpo - I am now nearly fifteen weeks pg so.....congratulations!
  • i have to agree with the other ladies on here.

    whispering congratulations to you

    x x x
  • TThaks ladies! I am really excited! trying to keep it under wraps just now as don't want to believe it until i see a proper strong line so really hoping for this tomorrow. have just bought a CB digital although worried that this is not as sensitive as first reserve and will therefore be negative (or be negative anyway!) I go away for 2 weeks with work on sunday and not due af till monday, but really want to know for sure before I go as otherwise i would have to tell hubby on the phone! eeeeekkkkkkk quietly excited but trying to be sensible! x
  • eeeek! coiuldn't wait and just tested with a CB digital and was expecting a BFN but got a pregnant 1-2!!!! eeek! can't believe it. It was our first month ttc and we missed our ov days but bd a lot 3 days before so we are very very lucky! need to get to the 12 week point now and then I can shout it from the roof tops!! eeek! sending lots of baby dust to every one!!!
  • lucky thing in your 1st month...hope you have H+H 9 months.

    x x
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