I saw my sister give birth today

My little sister turned up at my home today and told me she had a few pains, her baby was due today and I just knew she was in labour, 2 hours later she had given birth in a waterpool, it was great to see and she was really good, it made me want a baby even more - who care what pain we go through to get to the end result....

Hows everyone else doing xxx


  • Sorry to ask a direct question - was there a lot of blood?

    I feel very queasy about the whole birth thing, don't know how I'll cope when it happens.
  • WOO HOOO so many congratulations to your sister!
    I worked at a maternity hospital (about 15 years ago!!) and was so priviledged (sp?) to witness to natural deliverys and a c-section - amazing experience.

  • Well in answer to your question sevans - as she had it in a waterpool she kind of delivered it herself, she sat in the tub for about 45 minutes after - bonded with her little boy, as it was in water I expected it to be a scene out of jaws however there was not much at all - this is her 2nd baby and she haden't planned a water birth it happened to have one in the room so she just went for it and she said she would recommend it more than anything else. She was only in labour for 2 hours - lucky thing and she was back home 2 hours later - its mad but scary and we all ate dinner tonight like it hadn't happened today, It was brilliant to see but would rather give birth than watch it xx

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  • That's great news, can't believe it happened so quick. Congratulations on your new nephew.
  • aww thats lovely my mum had six of us of being eldest and when i was 16 she got pregnant with my lil sister and i was there for birth 38 hours it was such an emotional time first person my lil sister saw was me no wonder why she cryed so much lol with in few months she was pregnant again with my lil brother again lovely time. now she trying for another lol. i just cant wait it as not put me off at all. congratulations to your sister hun and good luck for you x x x
  • congratulations to your sister, boy or girl?
    I would definatly recommend water birth, I had it with lo and it was an amazing experience. You get a feeling of weightlessness which takes off a lot of pressure.
    Sevans - once lo came out it was a blood bath! umbilical cord snapped whilst pushing her out!! but that is very rare or so im told.
    I was 13 when I watched my mum give birth to my little brother, i was very upset with how much pain she was in but it was a great experience. x
  • Fiona - did you receive painkillers with the waterbirth?
  • No i just had gas and air so totally natural
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