cramps :(

hiya, me and the hubbie are trying for bump no2. im 9-10 dpo and have started developing symptoms (hoping they are not my imagination- nausea now and then, sore boobs, tired, bit moody and cramps).

The worst being quite severe cramps yday and today, to the point it feels like im gonna come on my period even though im not due for another 2 weeks. Anyone else had cramps like this?? wanna know if its another sign or im gonna come on early xxx


  • I am a few days late hun and we are TTC our first, this is our first month of trying and I had horrific cramps just after I'd ov'd much worse than period pains and then they disappeared after a few days, I am wondering if it may have been down to implantation, I hope so, I am testing later this week so fingers crossed we will get super lucky!! x
  • good luck, fingers crossed for u.

    I normally get bad cramps with my period anyway but only like a day before i come on, never 2 weeks before. hopefully its bump on the way then. x
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