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Advice Please, Do I need to do it tonight also????

Hi Ladies, please can you give me some advice? My cycle is on average 30 days so according to my OV calculator my fertile period is from today weds 30th. I baby danced Sun and yesterday. Do you think should again tonight or leave it a night and then dance again on Thurs or during the fertile window is it best to dance every night?? Thanks in advance X


  • If in doubt about exactly when you ov do it again tonight. You will only really know when you ov if you use opk's and temp - opk's tell you when you are about to by detecting the LH surge in the 12-36 hrs before you ov and a temp rise after you ov tell's you you have ov'd, the presence of ewcm also tells you you are fairly fertile but won't give you much more info than that. Good luck!
  • Thanks Baby on Board, I think I'll check ebay out for the sticks, I've heard they're widely available on there. Thanks again.
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