Cramps 6dpo? preg or af?

Hiya - just looking for some advice.

Im on cyc day 21 and Im 6 dpo and my temps are still high - but I just started getting abdo cramps today - they're like numb dull waves of crampy feeling and are more on my right just above my pubes (sorry best way I could think of to describe). Its very definately happening and is not just my imagination going overdrive.
I normally have a 28/29 day cycle and it seems a bit strange to be getting cramps so early before af is due.
Has anybody had any experiences of this in vvv early pregnacy? Can it feel loads like your af is looming? If so how much?
Do you think 6 dpo is a little too soon for implantation pains?

I personally think it's my af preparing itself early and that Im in for a painful one this month. Im not losing PMA (except Im now thinking this isnt our month), I think Im just realistically coming to the conclusion we havent done it this month.

A x


  • Not sure but wanted to say I've got my fingers crossed that its BFP and not AF.
  • popsicle this is exactly what i have been having - due to test in 9 days ...

    had this for past 3 days and then this morning had small amount of brown discharge - def not due af until next wed so hopefully its a good sign.

    try and keep pma for our little beans ... hoping for a bfp for both of us. I know what u mean though i am trying to convince myself its af early to not get my hopes up.

    keep us updated xxx
  • if it is on one side, maybe it is a late ovulation? do you poas ovulation sticks?
  • I fell pregnant in August but sadly ended in a miscarriage.
    Anyway, the week before I got my BFP I could have sworn blind that af was on her way! I had the familiar af twinges and cramps and got upset with my husband that it was another month when we hadn't managed it. I was absolutely convinced my period was on the way and every time I went to the loo I was expecting blood. My period just never arrived, which shocked me as I was sure it was coming. I felt the same as I did every month before my period arrived.
    Don't give up until af is here, I was amazed at how much early pregnancy symtoms felt like af looming!
    Good luck x
  • i had this last month and af showed but i'm sure i've seen some ladies on here that have had it and then got their bfp, so basically it could be either lol
  • i had this last month and af showed but i'm sure i've seen some ladies on here that have had it and then got their bfp, so basically it could be either lol
  • like sami said they can be either i had them before when af was coming and i had them this this month when i got my bfp so really my post is no help! Hoping its a BFP xx
  • So - its not over yet lol!! You hear it so many times, but when its you who's havin the cramps and what not sometimes you need to hear it again to believe it!!

    Im sorry to hear about your miscarriage, I hope you dont have to wait too long for another sticky bean. I know people say preg symptoms are simillar to af symptoms, its just soo hard to know HOW simillar, so hearing someone say they were convinced af was on her way makes me feel a whole lot more positive!!

    Yes I do poas OPK and I got my BFP last Tuesday and my temps indicated that I ov'd on Tues aswell. So I havent bothered using them since then. My new thought is that if I am preg then it might be that the egg is burrowing into the right side of my uterus - hmmmm a possibility me thinks!

    Its so annoying that it's so out of your control and that you can't do anything but wait. Grrr

  • Yes the wait it awful isnt it... Im 6 DPO, I keep looking for symptoms, I really "feel" pg, so I am trying not to get my hopes up and Im trying not to test until at least Sat, its my first cycle since coming off the pill and I dont know how long it will be. I OV'D last Monday and Tuesday so not sure how long to wait..!!

    Sorry, didnt mean to hijack your thread!!
    Good luck to you and babydust!

  • Hello ladies! Hope ya'll don't mind me joining in. I found out last month (10-10-14) that I was pregnant. I took what felt like a million tests and I kept getting very faint lines. I had two weeks of joy until I went in for my first baby image Miscarried on 10-25-14. My Dr said it was fine to start ttc as soon as we were emotionally ready. So once the bleeding stopped (no D&C required) we started trying again. Also my levels were tracked back to 0. I am almost positive I o'd on November 5. So now I am 6 dpo and I have a dull achy crampy sensation in my lower belly...I'm wondering if this could be implantation bleeding? I do not use OPK's and my period has NEVER been regular and I also do not chart my bbt. I feel like all the reading and research I have done has made me more in tune with my body and I know more of what to look for. Just curious what you ladies might think? Thanks in advance!

  • I get that every month at same time 6 dpo since we have been trying I suffer with pcos so it's linked to that could just be your body adjustment before you period gl tho magic dust to u 

  • Hey Y'all, hope you don't mind me dropping in. Looking for any advice I can get. me and my partner are ttc baby#1. Had implanon implant for 7 years, had this removed 23rd November got my first af 28th November, got further af 17th December which put my cycle on 27 days. I am 6dpo and having lower abdo creamps, sensitive nipple & what feels like bubbles popping inside my tummy (sorry for the tmi but not passing wind or anything), not to mention the pinching feeling on the right side of my abdo. Af is not due until 18th Jan ... can anyone shed some light on what I might be experiencing, any advice is appreciated image

  • The same here. Im due af 17th, but been having the twinges/sore back etc! But trying not to get my hopes up, lost my babies at 7weeks in August, and been a tad numb! Docs said may not conceive again! Currently more nervous if it is, but Oh keeps asking if its time to test yet x hope its positive for you guys.. X

  • So sorry to hear that image this is the first time I've ever felt anything like this so a tad worried I'm now day 7dpo and feel bloated as hell. trying not to get my hopes up as partner has a low sperm count and I know my chances are slim 7 weeks after implant removal. im still getting the bubbles popping sensation like under my belly button and twinges both sides. plus additional periods of cramp and stuffy nose. my heads doing overtime :( hope you get a positive too xx

  • My head is too, i have that feeling it could be, but then, its only my Oh and me thats wanting this, all our family dont think we should, due to having an autistic boy already they think it would be too much for me! So no support! Im due on the day before you hun! All the same feelings, pinching/pulling, heavy boobs, its the waiting that is awful, try keep as busy as you can, easier said than done i know x

  • Hi guys, I'm experiencing the same right now! I ovulated 4 days ago and still cramping, I stopped the pill in April and have felt ovulation the past two months since coming off it. im not ttc as I had a stillbirth last august and a miscarriage this January so giving myself a break. how did you guys end up in the end? xx

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