Soooooooooo tired

Morning Ladies, god i'm so tired this morning, on my way to work I could hardly put one foot in front of the other and the past few days i've been going to bed really early, half past 7 the night before last! Could this be a side affect of coming off the pill or could I be PG already?


  • Being extremely tired (couldn't keep my eyes open at work... and kept drifting off, lol...) was a major sign that i was PG!! It started at 5wks..!!

    Possibility that you could be PG, maybe worth taking a test xx
  • I think it's too early to test yet, i've only been off the pill for 3 weeks x
  • Could be pg. I concieved lo 5 days after stopping micronor. The week I tested I had a hangover from sat night until the weds-did test bfp-wasnt just a hangover making me tired and washed out. Hope its a bfp for you too!!!xxx
  • Now I really excited!! I'm new to all this, how long should I wait before taking a test? x
  • I wasn't tired when i came off pill.... i was when i was pg - do a test!!! Good luck, hope its a bfp xx
  • If your already getting these symptoms then i think its ok to test now, come on what are you waiting for?? lol. good luck. xx
  • Should I not wait until i've missed a period though? I didn't think tests could pick up the pg hormone this early? x
  • Its possible to fall pregnant after coming off the pill even if you havent had a period. When did you stop taking the pill? xx
  • I never had af as came off pill and got pg so quickly. If you do a test and its bfn at least you will know.
  • I took my last pill on Thursday 1st May and started my (false) period on Sunday 4th x
  • Its still possible, i would test just to put your mind at rest, if bfn then test again in a few days. xx
  • Okay i'll pick one up on my way home from work tonight and let you all know tomorrow, thanks for the advise, wish me luck x
  • Good luck honey we are just the same I took my last pill around the same time you did and had my last pill bleed on the 3rd sat May and now i am 6dpo I have been feeling tired too but I think most of mine I have just been looking out for. I am due to test on the 30th of this month do no be too upset if it's a BPN as it might still be too early?

    K xxx
  • Ooooooo good luck hun. Fingers crossed for you
  • Right, i've decided i'm going to go out at lunch time and get one and do it straight away before I lose my nerve. I'll let you all know this afternoon!! x
  • You go girl!! As the others said, even if it is a BFN, at least you know where you stand and you never know, you could be extremely lucky and get a BFP!!! Good luck.

  • Arrrrrggggghhhhhhhh i'm so nervous now!!!!!!!! x
  • I'm nervous for you! What time are you taking lunch?
  • Awww you will be fine hun, you know we are allways hear to talk to, good luck xx
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