Late Ovulation???????????????

Just wondering if antbody experiences late ovulation in their cycle. Before my MC in Feb I had a 30 day cycle and would ovulate around CD16. This is my first real cycle after my MC and I am CD20 today and still have not had a smiley face..... I have been testing since CD7 so I know I haven't missed it......... This seems really late, anybody else only ovulate after CD20??????????:\?


  • when i was TTC last year my OV day ranged from CD 25-54, my BFP cycle i OVed on CD 28,

    good luck x
  • I'm on cd18 myself with still no peak but i've been getting highs since cd7?? My last cycle was 34 days though so i'm hoping to get a peak in the next couple days, although i am starting to get a little concerned myself! I haven't had any symptoms either!

    Sorry no advice but just thought i'd let you know i'm in a similar position!
  • Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got my smiley face today and just been BD. CD 20 never had ov this late but so glad I got a smiley lots of PMA now!!!!!!image
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