How come.....

my cycle was always quite regular til we started trying?!!! :x

I'm on CD32 and at a guess, I'm about 7DPO but my temps haven't shown a particular clear shift this month so i the back of my mind I'm worried I haven't OV'ed at all! Fertility friend plotted my OV as Christmas day when I entered this morning's temp but I think as I've been having lots of lie - ins with being off work, it's affected my temps.

Before TTC I was always around 28 - 31 days. I haven't had any symptoms other than when I've been going to the loo today there's been quite a bit of clear, jelly-like CM (TMI I know image).

I did do a test yesterday with FMU using a 10miu test from Amazon and there wasn't a hint of a line, but then I didn't realise I was only 6DPO.

I'm not really after anything other than a rant so if you've got this far, thanks for reading! image

Hopefully if AF doesn't find me first I'll test next weekend, fingers crossed the pre seed and SMEP have done the trick! :lol:


  • MrsR - i'm with you there. My cycle was fandabedozy till we started its just bonkers!
    I had regular 32day cycles...then a chemical preg threw it out of sync now i'm coming on my 2nd month of a 37day+ cycle..........utter pants!

    Happy new year - here's to our BFPs in 2010 x x
  • Hey I could have wrote this post myself he he. Been trying since 11th November exactly and had 2 afs since and both have been really weird and on/off been testing to no avail BFN!!

    Before we started 'trying' I was off the pill 4 months and had bang on af!

    Its very frustrating but hopefully our cycles will sort themselves out x
  • hey,

    MrsR - might the jelly like cm be ewcm and be an indication that u r about to ov? do u use opk's or r u just chartin ur temps?

    my cycles seemed to go a bit crazy for a while but they have settled a bit no and r around 42 days. i used to chart everythin but now i have the cbfm i feel a little more relaxed - if only for the fact that it tells me exactly when i'm at peak and ov'ing.


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