Do i still have a good chance???

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this, i usually pop on to read posts and get some advice and today i thought i would start a new post as I need some advice...

This is our 2nd month of properly trying for baby, after being off the pill for 6 months. I have a 30-day cycle and have an app. on my iphone which calculates my fertility days. According to this I was due to ovulate on the 9th August. We had sex on the 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, but not on the actual day i was due to ovulate.

Do you still think I am in with a good chance of getting pregnant this month? Has anyone gotten pregnant who had sex around ovulation date but not on actual due day?

Your advice would be great...Its only our second month and i am obsessed already image



  • yeah i have seen lots of girls get pg from having sex on days just b4, so u should be fun, just make sure u do it as much as poss and thats all u can do, also ur cycles arnt the same each month so u never no, and good luck xxx
  • Like mrsme said, I would think you were still in with a good shot. The spermies can survive up there for a while so may have been there in time for OV. I think it is best just to BD regularly and SMEP certainly says to BD on OV, day after and again after that. But we all know real life doesn't always work like that. I would just BD whenever you feel up for it and keep your fingers crossed. Good luck!
  • It is possible, but bding on OV day would give you a better chance.

    good luck
  • I read the other day that ideally to BD 2-3 days before you know your due to ovulate that way the little swimmers are already in position ready for when your egg is released....but it also good to bd on the day of ovulation it all helps lol....but sounds good to me huni xxxx
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