How strict are you during 2ww ? Food & drink wise

Do you carry on as normal ? Still having alcohol etc ? Or do you cut out everything just incase you potentially have a bun in the oven ?

I'm just curious as I know when I was ttc for dd 1 I was really strict but this time round I can feel my resolve slipping.


  • after having been ttc 2 years i dont bother cutting out anything...well i drink less alcohol,il save the strickness for when im preg lol
  • I think i'm going to try and stay away from alcohol or just cut back. This is only first month ttc tho so we'll see.
  • I'm with Grudie. I am definitely more aware during 2WW, but having been trying for what seems like so long (though not as long as Grudie) I just can't put my life on hold anymore. I did cut out alcohol, pate etc at the start of TTC x
  • my intention was to be good, but having had 2 weeks of decaf last back on the normal stuff, lol. Have kept alcohol to a minimum though!
  • since trying to ttc ive tried to eat more healthily, but when it comes to the 2ww, i do eat the same as usual, but dont drink during it, well i dont drink at home lol, only on nights out, (which is rare atm ha ha) x
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