TheSMEP DidntGiveMeA XmasPud ButWill GiveMeA NY Bean Thread!

Just managed to get that in!

Right Ive stopped sulking and doing modified SMEP again this month, bding from day 12 to 20, i late ov so no point wasting hubbys energy!

Who is with me:lol:


  • Well im still waiting on the results as i ov'd NY eve- bad timing really for dh and so not holding out much luck- but i am due af on 14th so if no BFP i am with you all the way!! xxx
  • aww hun there you are. im just wating for af to arrive (sure she is coming) and i will be joing you. i was thinking bout smep the other day and was thinking of bd cd6,9 and then 12 and then every secind day from them.

    really hoe this is our
  • good luck, im sure we will get out bfps this month!

    anyone seen branz? did she get her bfp?
  • I'm with you!! It worked last month but didn't stick so I have all faith in the SMEP!! I'm CD5 today, good luck ladies xx
  • hi girlies, i'm with you, got af late xmas eve/xmas day im bding cd 8 (yesterday), 11,14, thev opking 16,17,18 as last month ovd on 18. if theres a surge on 16 we will bd then, if not will save good swimmers for 17 and 18. also read the eat yourself fertile article on BE and realise i really do need to eat more fruit and veg, which i eat loads of in summer but not so much when its cold, and take pregnacare or something similar as am just on bog standard folic acid atm. also putting hubby on decaf coffee, im on decaf tea, and have told him no drinking or smoking now, although he only drinks couple of times a month and smokes very occasionally,,,after drinking, we both need omega 3 and 6 supplements as well as i read it makes sperms tails bendier and makes them swim better and helps ewcm in us aswell. so off up the supermarket tomorrow to by some baby friendly things! xxxx
  • sainyp77 i read that article yesterday morning and had a discussion with oh, i think i really need to drink more coz at the mo i hardly drink anything and im going to up the fruit and veg in my diet. i didnt know you could buy decaf tea so might just give that a go as well. ive told my oh he has to stop having the bath to hot, we dont have a shower so we have read to give his bits a blast with cold water before getting out of the
  • sounds like a good plan!
  • haha angel PMSL! yea i drink tetley decaf, i saw the rolling advert for it on here! i usually drink tetley tea so thought id give it a go! tastes fine! lets make a fruit and veg pact then and yes u must drink water its what we are all made of and our little eggies and swimmers lol! im quite good drinking water and squash. good luck hon xx
  • you too hun, i am going for some shopping on monday so going to stock up with "good food" and i will get some decaf
  • Hia I am with you!!
    SMEP was a complete disaster really for us this time round - OH works a week on and a week off and i OV'd on his week on!! Meant he was getting home gone midnight after working from 9am. We were both too knackered.
    Hopefully this month it will fall al ittle better.
    I've just been supermarket today to get some fertile friendly foods and already taking sanatogen mother to be tablets.
    Good luck ladies
    AF due Jan 30th. Seems SOOOOO far away image
  • i know chick mines due 24th....
  • mememe! i'm with you again too! and loving the title of this thread BP heehee!
    i still have faith in the planeven if it didn't work for me last month - it can't work for everyone!
    i haven't seen this article, going to look for it after posting this. hubby and i realised the other day that we don't eat half as much fruit and veg as we thought we did, i think coz we used to eat loads and have some how changed our eating habits but still think we eat loads. i'm also really bad at drinking and can sometimes go right up until the end of work without having a drink and not even noticing!
    off to find the article now...
  • btw i'm on CD 14 today and had a 31 day cycle ast month (am not v regular). i haven't ovd yet butam expecting to any day now so SMEP is in full swing and its bd central in our house! lol xx
  • Hi all ... i am with you on the Jan SMEP.. BD on day 8 (NYE) i have no idea how ! got v drunk as i do not drink much cant even remember getting home.
    today is day 10 I normally get a surge on 11/12 so fingers crosed this month. It didnt work last month so will try not to get hopes up..
    Snugglelush - sanatogen are on 3 for 2 in boots x
  • Ooh could I please join?
    Testing 2nd Feb x
  • I OV'ed quite late last month - on Christmas day which was CD25 so I'm in my 1ww. It was our first month of SMEP and using pre seed but I'm trying not to get my hopes up so if AF arrives on Saturday, I'll be joining you ladies here! xx
  • Hi I would be with you all if my bloody hubby would stop working at his brothers house and get home so we could BD grr...We had sex nye and ny morning but I was only on CD6 & 7 and yday we couldnt BD does that matter or is it just vital to BD around ov??Am not even sure when am due to ov as last month had a 40 day cycle? so prob 15th Jan, also when it says to start using OPK's from day10. What time of the day, do you use fmu and do you continue to POAS (OPK) till you get a positive??I have 9 OPK's in but they are so expensive and I have 0 HPT's decided not to buy any until af is late so no early testing for me.Good luck xx
  • SD i really don't think it'll matter that you didn't BD yesterday especially as you have long cycles.
    i use my opks after work (so about 5) coz it said on the pack info that it was best to do it some time in the middle of the day rather than first thing coz the hormones build up throughout the day and break down again at night.
    i use the opks until i get a positive and then onece when it goes back to negative then stop. i get cheapos from the internet coz they're so expensive! they've worked fine for me and this is my 3rd month of using them. i cant remeber the website off the top of my head but i'll find the link and post it up xxx
  • Hello ladies....Im joining you again. The rude veg didnt do it, nore did the opk's!!
    I am on CD 2, really thought we had did last month as my cycle was 43 days long!! I have never known it to be soooo long before!!
    Can anyone suggest what opk's to use, last month I used the clear blue ones but as you can imagine I spent a fortune on them as I had such a long cycle!!
    I have never used preseed or zestica - can anyone tell me what the difference is and which one is the best to use?
  • heres the link to the site where i get my opks
    apparently its used by the nhs so must be decent xx
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