Crazy baby dreams...

Hi girls,

I really didn't think I was too obsessed with having a baby but for the last two weeks I have been having scary baby dreams. Last nite I dreamt that I did a pregnancy test and it came up positive in seconds and I couldn't have been happier and then I had to try not to tell anyone until I had seen my hubby! Oh the excitement and then the disappointment this morning when I realised it was only a dream. Last week I dreamt my sis had a baby and she never ever wants kids and I was ever so jealous, then I dreamt I had a baby but then I had to give it to my friend....argh!! Tell me I'm not the only nutter...



  • Jules - you are not the only nutter!!!!

    Though did you know that weird dreams *can* be a sign of pregnancy??

    Not necessarily just about babies dreams...for example when I was in the early stages of pregnancy with my twins I had utterly awful dreams most nights - usually about losing a member of my family, or my DD being lost and me being the only one able to go and look for her.

    When pg with my DD I kept dreaming about my OH leaving me for another woman image THAT one was truly awful...sometimes he left me for a leggy blond (I'm 5ft and a bit and brunette) and other times he left me for my best friend or my closest sister image ...Absolutely hated them! They went on right up until I was 28 weeks pg as well!! never know, it could be a premonition!!
  • Oh lilylilac, I'd love it to be a premonition but I think it is more a sign that I am obsessed and not really talking about it! lol....hubby just rolls his eyes in the morning when I tell him! teehee.

    Oh I'd so love a bfp but feel like af is coming so not getting my hopes up. x
  • Hi jules - I had a really jealous dream the other night too that my brothers gf had just had a baby boy and my mum was spoiling him something rotten although with all girly presents?!
    REALLY hope lillylilac is right and they are strange pregnancy dreams...although my sensible head is telling me it's obsession!
  • Babyhughes, I'm the same would love it to be a premonition and all that but the sensible head is ruling at the min! argh. teehee...I want a wee baby a wee part of me and hubby but its not happening just yet which I'm guessing in the grand scheme of things is all planned to perfection...however you do hear of people all the time who have honeymoon babies and it drives me mad!!! x
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