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Pics of OPK's following yesterdays topic


For those that didnt see yesterdays topic i will post the link to it at the bottom.

I posted earlier this morning that i took another hpt test this morning and its BFN but dont know the sensitivity of it. So as that was BFN i decided to do a OPK this afternoon. As i got a really strong pos on OPK yesterday I thought prehaps it picked up HCG, my CM is all wrong for ovulation, its wet/clear and slippery. No EWCM. But as i never used OPK's earlier this month i dont know if i ovulated or not, baring in mind my last cycle was 24 days.

CD34 (yesterday)

CD35 (today)

On sunday i had a really sharp stitch pain in my left ovary, which i mentioned in my other topic and ive been having it today but not as bad, same side.
Is it all to do with ovulation rather than pregnancy? (sunday pains seems abit early if got a pos yesterday)

I assumed that once you had a POS OPK, the next day it would be really faint, mine was still fairly dark but not as dark as yesterday and it didnt come up as quick as yesterdays line.
Am i just catching the surge on the way down or could it still be a silent BFP?


P.S. Still having positive symptoms, dull stitch pain in left ovary, been constantly thirsty for 3 days and nothing quenching it, water makes it worse! Few bouts of nausea and short quick dizzyiness. I do actually feel pg and the fact i had 2 really v v v v v v faint BFP's and the strange pos OPK (which i tested out of the blue!) has made me wonder!

Topic from yesterday

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  • MPP

    I have everything crossed for you apart from my legs hun lmao come on BFP.........

  • Are these opk sticks or the sticks from duofertility as they look exactly the same dont they? xx
    You are late hun so maybe pop to the doctors and they may do a blood pregnancy test for you?
    Sounds promising though and really hope it is a BFP for you xxxx
  • Those OV sticks are the tesco ones. Yeah i was surprised as their pg dip sticks look identical to these.
    Thats the trouble dont know if im late or not, ill keep trying these pg tests for a few days as been getting a few faint lines then Ill go doctors.


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  • looks like it could be ov as you are now getting a fading line emaning that first day was your pic of lh surge- now slowly declining, some people say they cant really rely on cm as a way of knowing- certainly pains could be ov pains too. Would be inclined to say that anyway- would be great for it to be a bfp but if pg test is not picking it up im not sure that ov test would? Either way if its not bfp lets hope you have picked up on Ov at the right time and in 2weeks it will be!! sticky dust xxxxxxxxxx
  • just re read and saw you ahve had to faint bfp's so maybe in that case! agh this waiting thing sucks!!!
  • I would say the first pic isn't positive hun, very close but not quite. The bottom obviously is no where near close. Is it possible that you have OV'd really late in your cycle? BTW - If your CM is wet/slippery then that is still technically classed as fertile CM, just not EWCM. I would definately say if you're still getting faint HPT's in a few days then I would get yourself to the docs for a blood test, then you know exactly where you stand.
    I never got a positive OPK for either of my babies, I just relied on OV pains, CM and cervix positioning... Good luck!
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