can the same thing s happen again in pregancy?

i had a lot of extra water around my last daughter, i cant remember the medical term, but was told that if i went into labour and my waters broke the cord could prolapse? trying to remember this was 9 years ago.. anyway what are the chances of it happening again? i didnt have this with my other 2, but my babies have gotten smaller and smaller, blood pressure high, etc.. labours have gotten quicker and quicker from 46 hours down to only 3 hrs with my quick can it get? also i suffer really bad with sickness from about 6 wks to around 20 weeks, spend most of my time in hospital...anyone know of anything that might be new this time around as its been a while, because i really want to enjoy my impending pregnancy this time, if i can get there that is, has anyone else had anything like this

chloe xx:\? :roll:


  • theres always a chance these things will reoccur unfortunately. polyhydramnious is the term for excess water around baby. my friend had very bad morning sickness with her 1st 2 but very little with 3rd and now 4th baby.
    labour wise chances are that it may be even quicker so they may get you in early or you may have to camp on the hospital doorstep,lol.
    every pregnancy can be different but you are aware that there may be some problems and so will your drs so you'll be well looked after. Fingers crossed for that BFP soon and good luck.
    Filo x
  • i had extremly bad with all 3, then the water thingy with my 3rd, can age affect things like this, i had a mc in march last year at 10 weeks, i had been very sick right up until that point, might be diffrent again? a friend of mine thinks i am stupid well we are stupid for trying again, nothing like a bit of support is there? x but there is nothing we want more.
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