off to docs tomorrow to 'hopefully' get confimred lol

as above really lol

got appt for my b12 injection, then i've asked if my nurse can test my sample image

really hope she will see a line lol,

our docs use the red hcg strip tests, not sure what level of hcg they detect thou.

mine has been showing a very very faint positive for the past few days,, the detect 25miu,,,fingers crossed she will see something lol..



  • yep i will do hun, thanks xx
  • good luck hun!! when i got my bfp they made me do a test - but a proper one (weeing in bottle) so it had to be sent away and i had to wait 4 days. so it seems each doctor does it a different way!

    hope it goes well xx
  • good luck hun, they may not retest and just believe you. Fingers crossed and sticky babydust
    Filo x
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