Bit confused

Hi, just wondered if anyone could shed some light on this!

Period came 3 days early on 30th April, should have been 3rd May. Lasted only 3 days when usually 4-5 days. Last 3-4 cycles have been spot on 28 days, so bit weird.
Had some different crampy pains on Sunday 4th and today so did another test. Can see very very faint line on first response. I mean very faint. Don't really know what this means. Assumed that was my period and now on day 8 of next cycle! What do you think?



  • Im almost going through same thing. Im on cd 7 but my period was very strange. I had no warning as usual with cramps and now the blood has gone im getting cm? I havent done a test but im getting other symptoms. I have heard many women on here say that they bled in pg. If you have a faint line it sounds pos but do another test with cbd in morning to get a more reliable result x x x gd luck
  • My mum bled through all 3 of her pregnancies - but they were lighter and shorter than normal. I think it sounds like you girls should test just in case!! Good luck xx

  • Hi Fiona

    Just read your other post-think you should test. Even if it's not what you want to see you can get on with the next month!

    It's weird though but I think it's just wishful thinking on my part. I read into things far too much and the smallest thing makes you think what if?
    Just getting really frustrated. Onto month 7 now-never thought it would take this long as I'm so regular, every 28 days exactly.
    You read about other people getting a positive on the first month and it just doesn't seem fair does it?

    Anyway, good luck and keep us posted x
  • HeyJCN'08, if you got a very faint line i would wait for a day or two then test again. Hope fully the bleed was something to do with pregnancy and it will only get stronger. Good luck to you both. Sxx
  • Thanks SLOW,

    The line disappeared after an hour or so which makes me think it wasn't a real one. It's so frustrating this TTC, it totally takes over your life!

    Good luck with your tests x
  • Hi girls,

    Have a read of my post from yesterday. I did a first response test and got the faintest of lines. I then did a cbd last night and the word pregnant popped up! Sending you lots of baby dust. xx
  • Hi JCB'08

    With tests they're not designed to keep the line, it's common for it to disappear. Retest again in a day or too.

    Good luck, lots of baby dust. xx
  • Just an update.

    BFN on an Asda cheapo so back to square one. At least that means I'm already on day 10 as that must have just been an odd period!

    Thanks for all your input and good luck and baby dust to all x
  • aw JCB, did you test with fmu? The good thing is your on cd10 so u should be oving again soon. Good luck & I hope ur ok.x
  • Hi Star

    It wasn't fmu but think I should just take it as a BFN. Onwards and upwards for the next attempt! Shouldn't have got my hopes up.

    How long have you been trying?
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