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What day in your cycle do u ov?

Hi Everyone. I'm curious to know what day in your cycle u OV and how long your cycle is?

Since coming off the pill i've had a 28day cycle. This month i invested in some CB OV sticks. I thought i normally OV around the day 14/15 as that is when i normally get loadsa EWCM. However this month i'm on CD17 and have had hardy any CM and all negatives on the OV sticks. Gonna have to go and buy another packet.

Was just wondering what your cycles were like and do they stay the same each month???


  • Hello I used opk's last month and found i ov an cd18 on a 30 day cycle and this month i ov'd on cd 15.
    Good Luck xx

  • Heheh! Today is CD109 for me and I have a +ve OPK on CD24 so obviously OV didn't happen despite smiley face.

    It's mad how different all our bodies are after coming off the pill. Sure you'll get your BFP soon, just get in plenty of BDing this week! Sperm living for a few days means it doesn't matter so much the exact day you do it!

    Good luck and baby dust xx

  • Ive been using the cb opks the last two months, i ov'd on cd12 first time and cd14 last month so it will be interesting to see what happens this month. Im normally on a regular 28 day cycle but again last month it was 30 days....isnt our bodies weird but wonderful (at times lol)image
  • MrsR when i came off the pill i had a 92day cycle and i hated that image

    My sister-in-law has been ttc for 3 years and has a wacky cycle some months it 29 the last 2 have been 130+ she lost count after that image
    Our bodys are crazy.
    Good Luck to you all xx
  • This is the first month I've actually used opk's (and first month trying) but my cycle is usually 27/28 days and I got my smiley face on CD15 - later than I was expecting really. I made the assumption I ov'd on CD16.

    K xx
  • In Sept I used OPK's and had +'ve CD13 + CD14 but this month I'm using CBFM for the first time and still getting lows on CD13. I was expecting highs by now but suppose it could just be the machine getting used to me x
  • Finally got my positive on the OPK's CD17.....wahoo!!!!!

    Just to let you all know i used cheap one's from amazon and used them with the clear blue digital. They both came up positive at the same time so i'm not going to be spending the extra money on the CB one's now. Stick to the cheapie's!!!
  • I'm similar to you Mrs Robson, this cycle by my signs I ov-ed on CD26 and CD84! (Now on CD 92). Is it possible to ov twice in one cycle? Or maybe the first time it didn't work properly. Either way, I'm on the 2ww now and am getting soooo impatient!
  • my cycle is usually 37days and i ov cd21, thats what happened this month but i have ov's as early as cd16 and had a 32 day cycle our bodies are really sent to confuse
  • My cycles have been 29, 30, 31, 31 but I've only used opks the last 2 cycles and I ov'd on CD22 and CD23. Really late!!

    This means I have a short LP image Just another thing to worry about...
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