eeeeerrrrrrrmmmmm had too much to drink

:lol: image :lol: :roll:
this month i shoul get a BFP as i have had toooooooooooooooooooooooo much drink

image image :lol: image :roll:

so bad but yes lots to drink hehehehe image

gems xxx


  • It's ok, you're not the only one - Baileys was on offer! mmmmmmmm
  • Ladies ladies, I don't know lol!!

    I'm a good girl and only had a sip of beer tonight.

    And it's definately the run up to Xmas now as I've just seen the Coke advert!!!!!!!
  • awww now I'm jealous!!! I denied myself that lovely little bottle of vodka today...would be lovely right about now image :lol:
  • yum i am on the pinot xx
  • I have had a few vodkas too. Possibly a few too many!!! Lol

    But what amazes me is we can all still type! image
  • thats funny VWGirl i was just about to post when i came on here trollied it took ages to type & my god when i read teh next day it was horrendous - hats off to drunken typers image!!!

    sod it girls you all deserve to chill out, fair play its saturday night!! (says she who has had only tea & milk tonight :rollimage

  • I type all day for my job so find it easy ish to type when drunk.....
    Katyjo.....get a few down you!!!
  • Me too VWGirl but still rubbish when i'm pished!!

    I'm off to seduce my OH now who has been sleeping soundly for an hour shall be a nice wake up call for him haha!! image

  • Well I'll have to join this group 2.....just in from a BRILLIANT night out....2 glasses of wine and 5 vodka diet cokes!!!! I feel brilliant....1.5 weeks to soon as that comes i will be a VERY GOOD GIRL....promise!!! xxx

    Hope everyone has had a fab night! xxx
  • he he lol,,hope you enjoyed it and your head is ok this morning!! xxxx
  • Love it!
    Just think of all those months pregnant when we will have to abstain and then a few more months for those who wanna breastfeed!
    Thats why I am not stopping el vino till those two lines come up on my BFP!!!
  • Morning Ladys, How u feeling???????

    :lol: im fine :lol:
    i was only having a gless then i notice that 1/2 a bottle fitted in hahahha so had 1 more glass and pooooof went the whole bottle :lol:
    my dads over for dinner tonight and will be dinking again tonight image
    I OV very soon so hoping last drink for 9 months xxxxxx
  • I feel fine today too....
    Thank heavens because I hate having a hang over : )

  • Phew! Glad I wasn't the only one! I had a few toooooooo many vodka and cokes image I felt so guilty when I woke up this morning and still feel sick now. Whoopsi! xXx
  • Evening girls!!!

    Well i woke up fine and dandy this morning although i was informed that that the wine and vodka was followed by 2 shots of sambuca!!!!...oops! he he he!

    The only problem that I have is my sore tootsies....high heels and muchos alcohol = too much dancing!

    Roll on OV time. Hubby has gone away for a week but will be back next week in time for BD until then I think I'll comfort myself in his absence with the odd glass of wine this week. God help him when he returns...i'll be on the run up to OV, probably a bit tipsy due to the alcohol consumption and in need of some hubby love!! he he.

    Snooks xxx

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