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just starting 2ww anybody else???

hi, well ive had ov pains and waterty and ewcm since last wednesday but i think testerday i finally ov'd. so i am now 1dpo jusy wandered if anyone else with


  • fingers crossed hun. iv usually got to wait till cd20odd to ov its a pain having to wait so long. i was getting what felt like ov pains since the 5th but im sure i finally ov'd on thursday but it might have been friday so im 2 or 3 dpo. hope its our month. we can stop each other going
  • Hi angel100 and littlewolf, I think I might be OV today so I'm just about to start the 2ww. It's going to drive me absolutely mad! So glad I found this forum so I can share the insanity without driving hubby up the wall!

  • lol, mrs robertson thats what i think. im not sure hubby would appreciate me going into all my aches and groans with

    good luck hun, hope this is all our month and we can make this a lucky
  • Well i OV'd on CD17 and 18 according to my CBFM and i am on CD19 today so as from today i am in my 2ww. feeling very sicky etc with belly ache. OH was convinced in was to do with implantation but ya know, i doubt it.
  • tink , i feel exactly the same (i posted on the big thread). i had a dreadful pain in my groin last night and havent been able to eat for 2 days. i googled it and everything says its too early so dont now what to think, all i can say is its going to be a long
  • I agree, i was soooooooo shocked that i got my peak in the first month when i was convinced i dont OV or something and since then time has just dragged. Well it has been 2 days lol but it feels like 2 weeks xx
  • it great that you got peak, that way you know exacly what happening. really hoping its all our month.xx
  • Me too, i think i have got myself all worked up thinking OMG i may have done it this month. I am pleased because i know it has only been 2 days but by now i would be convincing myself i am pregnant and atm i just have pma!

    I am hoping i had sex at the right time. Me and the OH has sex on CD16 at about 8pm (not BD just sex) and then i got my peak on CD17 so we used pre-seed, had sex aound 10pm and i put my legs up until half 11, got up and turned the light of (without leaking lol) and got back in bed and went to sleep. Woke up at 1am desperate for the loo so i am hoping it worked.Didn't BD last night (CD18) because we were both knackered after a hard day shopping!!!

    I wonder if our symptoms mean anything angel???
  • sounds like you did hun. we have bdanced loads this time coz i have watery cm and ov pains from last week but ewcm didnt come till wed & thurs.

    i really hope it is symptoms, i try not to symptom spot but when i feeling the way i am the last 2days its hard not
  • hi helen.brown, hope you have done it. i really dont know where i am i was sure my temps would have went up ny now and lodded my ov on ff but it hasnt went up enough so we will see what tomorrow brings. i am positive i ov'd coz i had all the pains and cm and now everything feels back to "normal" so dont know. ha the joys of ttc.
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