hmm weird any ideas?

Heya Ladies

Ok so I'm ummmm 8 or 9 DPO. This month (our 12th month of ttc) we decided to forget about ovulation test and temps and just BD when we felt like it. My stress levels went straight down and I'v just been happy.

So it all started on Friday. We were @ a friends 30th birthday and all I did was eat! I ate everything insight, but normally I eat nothing @ parties. Then on Saturday night we had another birthday party to go to and I did the same, I ate somethin like 3 beef anf gravy rolls! I felt so sick but just wanted to eat more. On Sunday I was so tired so i slept most of the day, I thought maybe I was getting sick.

So now its Tuesday I havent got any signs of a flu, I got up @ 11am, its onlt 3.30pm and i feel exhausted. The weird think is I havent been to the gym in a wk and I'm still eating like a horse ut putting on no weight.

So about a wk before AF is due i get sore boobs, so sore you cant even touch them and I have nothing! Not sencertive or sore.

Had a few other little things.

So is this a good sign? what could it be? I only realised this morning that it could be symptoms..

what do u think?

Karina xx


  • Sounds like some positive things to me! When are you going to test?
  • Probably sunday... Not getting my hopes up
  • Good luck hun, fingers crossed its your BFP xx
  • Ooh, I think that sounds really positive, fingers crossed
  • Have my fingers crossed for you! xx
  • fingers crossed for you xx
  • Thanks so much ladies xx
  • Hi Karina,

    I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you that it's your BFP. I usually get very sore boobs before my period but the month I got my BFP I had nothing either.

    Will pop on to see how you get on xx

  • OHHH DONNA! Ive been looking for you.

    Omg your 7 wks already? Your one person I can honestly say I am so happy for!

    Yeah I think I'm due for my BFP 12 months of trying is such a long time.

    How have you been?

    Karina xx

    P.s Did you pee alot (tmi)? also Ive been having this funny feeling when I lay on my tummy, like im going to chucky, any ideas anyone?
  • Hey Karina,

    I know, 7 weeks and 1 day's going quickly although I will be glad to see the 12 week mark!

    I'm suffering with the good old sickness, but it comes at random times. Normally in the afternoon before tea, but this morning it decided to come mid morning! Boobies are very sore and I'm tired beyond belief, but I know it'll all be worth it in the end.

    I did wee alot more often and I still am doing and I just 'felt' pregnant, it's really hard to explain.

    Well, I really, really hope you get your BFP this month and I will be keeping an eye out for you and will pop back on.....

    Take care, xxx

  • Hehe, if you think you're weeing loads now just wait until you're 9 months and bean is kicking your bladder! :lol:

    So glad to hear its going well Donna.
    And Miss88 it sounds positive so far! Fingers are crossed for you... xx
  • I just dont like to get my hopes up, 12 months of that can take it out of you.

    So I'm on CD 24 / 9 DPO and still feeling tired and hungry, everything is tasting different... hmm weird

    will keep you updated

    Karina xx
  • Good Luck ! Fingers crossed that this is it for you xx
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