tested with FR again today....

....another v.v.v. faint pink line. Im sure it was as faint (if not fainter) than the one on Saturday. Surely if it is a true pos, then it should be getting stronger now? Thought the hcg doubled every couple of days? Also as its about a week after af due, (I think) then surely it should be a strong line by now??:\?

Has anyone experienced really faint lines which turned out to be a true pos, and had such faint lines when af overdue by this long? :\?

Any help/similar tales would be much apreciated! ;\) xxxx

(just altered thread as realised I tested on Sat with FR and it was a cbd on Sun. 'not pregnant'!! Grr)

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  • did want to r&r but no LOL!!! but as the saying goes.....a lines a line!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx fingers crossed xxxx
  • Well BB4, you know what happened with me! But your situation is looking much more positive. How are your symptoms going? I dont know what to suggest really, its crap being in limbo land though, I know that much, maybe try ringing your GP and explaining the situation to them, perhaps even embelish it slightly, saying that you have abdo pain?? I know after my experience that when I spoke to my GP and said that I had pain on one side and had had bleeding she was talking of getting me in for a scan for ?ectopic. But as the next test was BFN 6 days after my AF was due and having had bleeding (abnormal period though) then it wasnt necessary.

  • Not had this myself, so can't help, but I would suggest either trying a Clearblue digital or trying to be patient and wait another couple of days (Not sure I could)
  • Thanks twizzlepie and MrsS image

    Im off coffee again, feeling nauseous, fell asleep in front of the tv last night at around 8ish! Just eaten a mini Belgian choc trifle which I was really looking forward too, but started to feel sick half way thru (still ate it tho! :lol: )

    I have just posted another thread as I have been wondering if it could be leftover hcg from the mc causing the faint lines.

    Why are things never simple? :roll:
  • Thanks lulabell. I used a cbd on the sunday, and it said 'not pregnant', but as af still a no-show, and still feeling nauseous, I gave FR another go today. Dont want to use my one remaining CBD incase its neg again! :roll: x

  • Right, just had another look at the test I used earlier, and the line is ever-so much slightly darker. Read the Q&A on the leaflet and it says a pos result will stay pos for around 48hrs after testing, but that a neg result could change and should not be read after 10mins.

    Im hoping this is a good sign! x
  • My fingers are firmly crossed for you BB4 - sending lots of PMA and babydust!!

  • Oh no, how annoying!

    Don't know if this will make you feel any better, but my faint lines (on the same brand of test, Access Diag) at 10dpo and 11dpo were an identical shade. By 12 dpo it was a bit darker but not by much.

    I guess there's nothing for it but to keep testing!
  • keep testing hunni, im sure the line will get stronger, lots of pma and good luck comming your way image image xxx
  • my fingers are crossed for you hun. if it is pink then it is a good sign. keep us updated, lots of pma to you xxx
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