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Any first pregnancies with no symptoms before missed period?


I'm sure this has been discussed millions of times but I'm new and sending myself a little bit crazy.

My husband and I started trying for a baby on our wedding night (26th June) and did loads of BD on our honeymoon, when I should have been ovulating. I'm now on day 26 of my cycle and I don't think I'm pregnant because I've got no breast tenderness at all.

I'm trying to manage my expactations because I don't want to be absolutely crushed when I get my period. I know it's early days in our TTC but I have been broody for 10 years and I'm quite impatient!

Am I safe to assume that no breast tenderness means that I'm definitely not pregnant? I have been peeing a lot and I thought I had a bit of nausea but I could have been imagining that.




  • Hi Hon,
    From what I have read it is quite common when pg but it doesn't happen to everyone and especialy not so early. So it may not mean anything.
    Unfortunately in ttc everything feels the same and is confusing. AF feels like a period, implantation feels like a period, ovulation feels like cramps and we all work differently.

    Bit of a waiting game I think. Sorry! I know this sucks! x
  • Hey, I'm GC but just wanted to say that I had no symptoms at all until about 6 weeks, no breast tenderness etc, I was shocked when I got my BFP as I hadn't expected it at all.

    Even at 6 weeks I didn't really get any symptoms, I got a bit hungry and got slightly tender breasts at about 6/7 weeks but that was it - everyone is really very different!

    Good luck!

    Kat xx
  • With my DD I had no symptoms and only tested to get it over and done with. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I got a BFP. I didnt get tender breasts at all with her. I did with my son so every preg is different.
    Lots of luck and it can be done on the first month as I have fallen twice on our first try.

    Lots of luck and congrats on getting married xxx
  • Hi Broodymare! Congrats to you!

    I'm on CD 26 as well! We've been married almost 2 months and we are also broody as hell! This is our 2nd month of ttc and I've got everything crossed at the moment that AF doesn''t show! When is AF due for you?
    I think my cycles are 28 or 29 days but not 100%
    PMA PMA!
  • Hi there, I didn't start to feel pregnant at all with my DS unti l was about 9 weeks and I had no symptoms at all when I got my BFP so you never know. Fingers crossed for you & wishing you lots of luck xxxx
  • Thanks for your replies! Oh well, you never know then. I don't feel pregnant so I'm fully expecting to get AF in a few days.

    Mooker - my cycles vary, they seem to average at about 29 days so that would be Monday/Tuesday coming I think. I usually get some pre AF spotting by about now though and I haven't got that this month. Who know's what's going on. I'll just have to try to be patient.

    I've actually just ordered some ovulation strips from amazon. I think it'll make me feel a lot better to at least know exactly when I'm ovulating.

    Good luck fellow TTC ladies!

  • Yes, I think if AF does come I'm defo going to either buy some sticks or use the cbfm to try & track my ov days so we can hopefully have a better chance instead of all this guess work business!
    Good luck to y'all x
  • I didn't even realise that I had missed my period until the hairdresser whispered 'are you pregnant' into my ear. I did a test a few days later and got a BFP, the following week morning sickness kicked in- I'd never felt so happy about feeling ill before!
  • Hello

    I'm having a little problem here. I am two weeks overdue now but I had no preg symptoms. ( apart from feeling tired all the time ) 

    I have no idea when I am supposed ovulate because I have missed periods  the past ( E.G last December  all the way through to February this year. I don't know what to do.. I am nearly  every time so I don't know wether to worry or not. Can someone please give me some advice on what to do? 

    Thank you 

  • Just found out I am 2-3 weeks. Still don't believe. Only sign really for me is boobs hurt. Not missed my period yet so until I get passed that I won't believe it x 

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