Officially moved over to TTC!


Best of luck to everyone trying...this is my first cycle TTC...very surreal!

Trying to not obsess but finding that very difficult!

2 week wait now...have a feeling it may not be this month as I miscalculated ovulation but you never know!

Any advice?

Lizzie xx xx;\)


  • Hi hun we are in the same boat!! It's very exciting! I am due around the 27th of the month, so am trying not to wish time away as we are desp to test !! We have bought some Clear Blue Digital tests, he is wanting to test asap but I think we had better wait and see a bit later in the month, I feel different but who can tell...! I had my coil removed just before my last period (that came on the 27th April) it was a non hormonal one so technically it's now up to our bodies to choose when to make a bump!! xx
  • Fingers crossed for you xxx
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