am i gettin ahead of myself? someone have a word with me


i'm driving my husband barmy today, SS big time, even to the point of going out and buying a FR test. BUT its in my drawer and i'm itching to use it.
i'm 9dpo but i know its too early to test yet, sore boobs since 6dpo, af cramps too, which never happens til about 2 days before af is coming

OMG will someone please tell me to bloody well calm down, its far too early and i am ABSOLUTELY NOT allowed to test til i'm at least 13dpo

also, have i missed summit with these "debates" been reading with mouth dropped???

han xx


  • Hey hun, ss'ing is what makes it fun/frusrating ttc.
    BUT put the bloody test down! lol! Get hubby to hide it , thats what i do
    You're well out of the debate, its just tink being tink!

    Good luck xxx
  • yeah thinking its prob best jus to stay clear of those posts, making evening very interesting and helpin me not test...hahah

    thanks for ur help, i've hidden it in a drawer (well not hidden as i know where it is, but not touching til tuesday)
    happy days x
  • Will be thinking of you on Tuesday hun, if you have the will power well done - I always test early so I really can't tell you to stay away! lol! xxx
  • Good luck for when you do test Hannah.

    My top tip for not testing early is make sure the test is no where near the bathroom and that there is no pot to pee in :lol: It's not worth doing early if its not FMU and if there's nothing in the bathroom first thing there's no temptation image xx
  • good luck hun, i get oh to hide my tests when i feel i cant
  • thanks ladies,
    much appreciated, know i can't test yet, know it would show as bfn and that jus a waste of ??7.49. got to be strong!!!!
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