Going crazy!

Hi ladies,

Hubby and I are trying to conceive our third child after much debate. We already have two boys age 4 and almost 2. I used this site whilst pregnant with the boys, and have been reading all your posts and updates daily so i thought i would join in again if thats ok?

This month was our first month of ttc no. 3. I think i am 10 or 11 DPO, but im not completely sure. But the 2ww is driving me mad! I must confess to symptom spotting, which i said i wouldnt do! I have had niggling pains in my stomach, feeling nauseas daily particularly when starting to get hungry and my boobies have ben tingling and painful if hubby cuddles me or a lie on my stomach. I even dreampt about getting a BFP, so i was feeling quite hopeful. I couldn't wait any longer and tested this morning on an asda cheapie test. I do have 2 clearblue digital tests but was saving them as i couldnt bear to see the words not pregnant! The test this morning only had one line (not pregnant) and I am gutted and lost all my PMA. Feel really sad now as now we have decided to have number 3 I would like that third child so badly. I am however still feeling queesy, which is unusual. Can anyone give me hope that I may have tested too early and there is still a chance? I know im not out until af arrives, but i feel like its over this month.

Did anyone else have similar symptoms and get their BFP? When would you recommend i test again? I may have to try again tomorrow morning but i dread that negative again.

Sorry for the ramble ladies. I was meant to just introduce myself! :\)

I really hope you all get you BFP soon.

Thanks, love



  • Ditto!
    Test again when AF is due. It still sounds promising that you might have hit it on your first shot.
    Good luck!
  • When is AF due? I have had all of your symptoms for over a week now and got my BFP this morning. My Af was due today, try again nearer to AF due date. Good luck xx
  • Oh Tilly, thank you. You have just made me cry (maybe i am preg I don't cry very often!!). Thanks for giving me hope. Huge congratulations to you for your BFP. I am so pleased that someone else has had my symptoms and im not just being silly. I didnt feel like this with the boys. I would be expecting my af to arrive sometime friday, saturday or sunday. I'll try and wait til nearer the weekend. Thanks again, have a very happy and healthy 9 months.

    Tilly- did you manage to not test until this morning when af was due?
  • Nope, I didn't test before this morning, I have been convincing myself that it would be a bit of a wait for us. We've just moved house and been so busy that I didn't think we would get lucky like that!! I did a test more to put my mind at rest and move forward onto next month. I also thought I was being silly as all the symptoms I have seem to have come pretty early for me. I would try and wait until Sunday as the cheaper tests aren't as sensitive, and even the clearblue recommend waiting till the first day of your missed period. Got everything crossed for you hun xx
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