Should I test (again)!

Hello all.
My AF was due 8 days ago now and I have been having what feels like pulling AF cramps for about 10 days now which made me think AF was on its way.

I did a HPT on sunday last week and in was a BFN but still no AF. Don't really feel different except slightly odd tummy cramps, bloated feelings and slightly sore nipples.

I have a history of irregular periods (only had one since dec when came off the pill, after 3 months off the pill).

So should I test? I only have one test left and will be last one this month as car broke down so money is tight this month!!

ARRRGGGHHH! What should I do?!!



  • No.... save it for a week either AF will be really late and then test away of AF will arrive and it'll be a waste of a test. Tesco do 2 for ??5 though and evryone says superdrug are always buy 1 get 1free.

    Good luck though.
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