FAO anyone who's had a BFP before! Help please!

Hi ladies,

I'm going SS crazy so first of all will you give me a big virtual slap and tell me to spend my evening more productively! :lol:

But also, I'm 10DPO today and feeling mildly nauseous. I've also had quite a lot of (sorry TMI alert image) jelly like CM since 7DPO.

Did any of you ladies have symtoms like this before getting a BFP? I know it's silly getting my hopes up but it's our first month of SMEP and pre seed and I've just got everything crossed that we managed to plant a little bun in my oven! :lol:


  • Hi hun, I can't really help, I had no symptoms beside metal mouth the month I got a BFP but just wanted to say you don't have to much longer to wait before you could test, hang in there!!!

    Good luck xx
  • Thanks Huni!

    I've started with quite mild AF - like cramps this morning so I reckon I might be due a visit from her this weekend. Oh well, there's always next month! xx
  • Hi - I don't want to get your hopes up too much but when I was pregnant with Stanley I had exactly the same..the CM was the first thing I noticed and my only real symptom before my period being late and getting my BFP. Oh that and having a very realistic dream I was pregnant..!

    We're now trying again and I have the same symptom as well as feeling sick and tired (although that could just be too much christmas food and Stanley teething!) but I have my hopes up way too high. Keep trying to tell myself theres always next month but know I will be very dissapointed!

    Oh and I also had cramps before my period would have been due with stanley too - so much so that I walked round with a pad on for two days as was so convinced AF was on her way!!

    Good luck!!xxxx
  • Ooh loubeelou you've given me a little more hope! When I started getting a little bit of cramp I was sure I was out of the running! Now i just need to resist the urge to POAS before the weekend!

    I think AF showing up would be preferable to seeing a BFN staring back at me!

    How long have you been ttc number 2? Hope Stanley gets to be a big brother soon! xx
  • This does sound promising Mrs Robertson - exactly the same thing happened to me before my sticky bean showed on a test as positive! And loubeelou - Snap! I did the whole wearing a pad thing too as I was convinced the witch was going to pay me a visit also.

    Good luck ladies. Fingers crossed xxx
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