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hey everyone, just wondering if anyone can help! im in my 9th cycle of ttc -my gp has agreed to let me have a scan and bloods to check for pcos. well anyway, i have got my scan booked for next thursday (29th), according to i am due on my period the day after (my periods do average the length of time suggests but they are irregular-hence trying to rule out pcos.) anyway my question is do you think if i was pregnant it would show up on this scan? is it worth testing that day? any opinions would be much appreciated!!!! thankyou.x :\)
ps-it would be 1 week 6 days minimum on the scan day since i think i ovulated, could be more (ovulated inbetween 13th and 16th may i think). :\)

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  • hey hun, i had an early scan at 5wks....and they cant see anything at that time, ur hcg levels need to be over 1000, so depends on conception...mine was 2.5wks after conception date and all they cud see was my womb lining was thickened for a pg, but she said it was like looking for a needle in a haystack! Hope this helps, but u never know hun xx
  • Think if it was a pg that early wouldn't show up. That's barely implantation time. I think in really early pg, they use a transvaginal scanner. xx
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