About to try OV sticks......

Hi girls,

According to the instructions, I should start using my new OV sticks today??!!! My cycles have always been a little irregular, nothing really bad, but ranging from 25 to 30 days. On the basis that 25 is the shortest the instructions say to start testing now.

I don't believe that I am due to OV until the weekend but I suppose 'here goes'!! I do not and don't believe I have ever had ov pains (or certainly not noticed them before) and I can never quite tell if CM is wetter, stickier, whiter or anything!! Again not that I've noticed since I've understood what it means!!

Has anyone else used OV sticks? How did you get on with them? And preseed - I've got that too. I expect I'll be bding all weekend (not that bad bearing in mind it's a bank holiday!!). Anyone else at the same point in their cycle as me??

Feeling quite overwhelmed at the moment. Have had such a good feeling about this month and I still do, although PMA is wavering a little.



  • Hi Mrs Hopeful!!
    I have ordered supplies of these too for the next month and like you haven't used them before! When the delivery arrived this morning dh commented that "the whole 'relax' thing isn't really happening is it"!!! :lol:

    They look quite complicated to me, did yours come with a chart to work out days and record temperatures on? (Mind you for 2 months I thought the EWCM was actually meant to be white in colour! doh!)

    Anyway, sorry for gate crashing, af is due to arrive this weekend for me (great!) so I'm not quite with you! Just wanted to say, you're not alone and I'm sending you a bus full of pma and babydust!! Good luck!!

    PS Preseed is meant to be VERY slippery! image Have fun!
  • Thanks dappytart. Have heard the same thing about preseed too!! Oh well, will give it a go and have some fun with it. If it's not for us then so be it.

    My ov sticks didn't come with any of what you mentioned. But then again they were off ebay!! They look like they're straight from a hospital or something (i.e. not in a box) but the seem to be fairly straight forward......

    Just says not to use first thing in the morning and that I have to pee in a pot (??!!) and put the stick in that rather than peeing on the stick!!

    I'll give it all a go and see how we get on! And I'm with you on the whole 'let's relax about this' thing!!! I don't think my poor DH ever expected to be a baby making machine!!!

  • Hiya MrsHopeful, I think I am due to OV on monday, so I'm close enough. Luckily I'm on holiday for a fortnight from saturday, so my 2ww won't be at the forefront of my mind. Best of luck to you.

  • Oh lulabellarama, we can be ov buddies!!! I'm on holiday from the last weekend in May for a week too so hopefully it won't be too bad. I must say, I am pretty excited about this month. So far I have never had the urge to POAS as I've pretty much known that I wouldn't be pg. And I know I haven't even done the bding yet but am positive......

    When are due to POAS? Think I'm going to go for Sunday 8th or Monday 9th June......
  • I am thinking monday 9th. I'll be back from hols on the 7th and will be desperate to find out. It's only my first month trying, so I don't expect miracles, but I'm confident it will happen soon.
    Lots and lots of luck
  • Hiya girls, can be your ov buddy too? Im on CD10, my cycle before mmc was 27 days and after mc it was 30 days so Im expeting to ov anytime from Sat to Tue! I got clearblue ov sticks this month off ebay and started testing today, they said you can use them first thing in the morning but Im not sure if I should be waiting until afternoon? Think Im going to POAS on 9th June image
  • Lets hope for a hat-trick on June 9th then!
    *fingers crossed for you both*
  • Oh this is great!! I'm on CD8 today but with my cycles I am also expecting to ov anytime from Friday to Monday!! It's so good to have other people literally in the same boat and even the same cycle!!

    We should keep each other posted over the next few days re ov signs etc.

    I'm reckoning a hat trick would be great!!

    Good luck ladies.

    PS - Fran82 - my ov sticks just said that the LH is always increased in the mornings so for a more accurate reading it is best to use at a different time of day. I aim to hang on til I get home from work and do it everyday at the same time.

    Keep me posted guys!!! Feeling lots of PMA about!!

  • If I get any signs before saturday I shall let you know, I've always been able to recognise OV pains, so hopefully I'll get them this month.
  • Thanks lulabellarama. If not, don't worry and have a great holiday!!

    Are you going anywhere nice?
  • South west France, which will be lovely although the 10 day forecast is rainy at the moment image
    I plan to make the most of all the unpasteurised cheese, pate and wine before giving it all up!
  • Sounds lovely! I am definitely going to miss pate when I get pg. I just love it!!

    Enjoy and come back relaxed and with a BFP hopefully!!

  • lol the EWCM is confusing, you would imagine is was white, I only learnt what it was when I joined this site! I got preg my first cycle trying and have only had 1 cycle since mc ( I have a little boy but he was a happy accident!) so Im no expert but I'll give it a whirl lol! I think I may ov earlier rather than later this cycle, my AF was quite long 6 days then 1 day of spotting. I can usually recognise ov pains and my ewcm is a dead give away as there tends to be loads (tmi lol!)
  • Hi there
    I am on CD10 too. Planning to do lots of BDing this weekend/early next week and all going to plan (ie no AF) POAS on 9th June.
    This is our 1st month of TTC too - but feeling hopeful!
    Looks forward to chatting to you guys on our 2WW.
  • Hi i bought a pk of clearblue digital ov sticks yesterday, ive never used them before! According to the leaflet i should start testing from cd 17 as my af is about 33/34 days. Im so excited i cant wait to get going but im only on cd7 so another 10 days to go! good luck ladies xx
  • I am looking unlikely for a BFP on the 9th. OH is insisting we use the withdrawl method while we are away as he wants to get his sperm as healthy as possibly, which means giving up drinking. I've said I don't think it's necessary, but he is admanat. Ho hum, more waiting...
  • Why does he want to keep it healthly for the future and not now??? Sorry - I might be being stupid here but have a missed something......

    Used the ov sticks for the 1st time last night. They were pretty straight forward and I was not oving but it actually helped me feel better about the fact that I wasn't going to 'miss the boat' so to speak!!

  • Only because we are going on holiday and he wants to enjoy himself, which means he will drink a fair bit over the two weeks. He reckons he should give up completely while we are TTC. I personally don't think it matters that much but I'll go along with it. Anyway the withdrawl method is pretty hard to actually manage, once we're in the heat of the moment I reckon he'll cave. image
  • You go girl!!! It's this weekend that matters for the sperm anyway (if I am correct in thinking you are due to ov at this time too) so he can drink as much as he likes over the two weeks following that!!!

  • I will have to pack my nicest underwear and pull out all the 'tip him over the edge' tricks. Good luck with your ov sticks and bding.
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