Hi girls I know this is something I talk about alot but your all like my girlfriends and so I love sharing ha ha ha

I have never really had very much cm before the pill and after. Today I have loads!!!! It shocked me just how much sorry TMI but i am sooo shocked. I have been taking EPO 1000 do you think i should stop taking it or do you think this is a good thing?

It's not white though it's more a creamy colour and is think but not stuicky, sorry again lol I believe I am do to OV this friday.

K xx


  • Thanks for sharing K-Lou! Hilarious lack of inhibition on this!

    I have been monitoring mine but my OH walked into the room the other day as I was having a look and he nearly died laughing. I nearly died of embarrassment!

  • :lol: Oh, the things we do! :lol:
  • HE,HE thats made my day!! lol.xx
  • ha ha ha oh no sorry girls have i gone too far??

    k XX
  • ha ha, not at all, if you can talk about it here where can you!!!
    if i where you i would keep taking EPO, ewcm is a good thing, (when ttc) it can't do any harm as long as you stop at ov! really gald to hear it has worked for you honey, one step closer to your BFP i would think!!
  • I am so red faced now lol I was like oh no I have said to much ha ha ha ha

    Your right now I just hope i actually have some EWCMimage

    k xx
  • flush thats hilarious, or HIWARIOUS as the thai lady said on big brother!!!
    K you do love this subject dont you LOL!!!!!! ive always had quite alot of cm so think that might be how i got preggers by accident with iz, so the more the better i say!!!!! xxxxx
  • (red faced) yeah LOL I have never had any thats why and before i was freaking out that i never had any and now i am freaking out I have loads lol

    I wont be checking as much now thats for sure LOL

    K xx
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