I'm now in the CBFM club - PART 2 !!!

Hi ladies

Seeing as the lovely Romeo now has her BFP, i thought i would restart this thread so that she doesnt keep getting the notifications every time one of us posts on the original thread!

So.... the link to the original thread (for any newbies or those needing to recap on what we've been talking about) is:


And i look foward to chatting to you all on this new one - not for long though i hope coz i want my BFP soon please!! image

Broody xx


  • Hi Broody,

    I'm so pleased to be joining this new thread and hope that it will be the thread that sees us all get our BFPs with the help of the wonderful CBFM. image

    Good luck to you, Melissa, Chelseablue and all the others. Lets hope this is a lucky thread!

    I am on CD14 and my third 'high'. We didn't manage to BD on the first high, but did last night, and we will tomorrow as well. I just hope I get my peaks too soon.

    I'm not quite sure how long my cycle is going to last as I have had a lot of gynaelogical bleeding over past few months, and this is our first proper month of trying and taking note (I was amazed to find out that its possible to track your fertility using CM!) image

    Sarah xx

  • Hiya girls!

    I'm going to join the CBFM club...wasn't part of the last thread tho!

    This is my 2nd month using the cbfm for ttc but my 5th using it to understand my cycles.

    I'm CD11 (but CD10 on the cbfm) and am on my 2nd low...bit strange as the last 2 evenings i've had EWCM (or so i thought) so assumed my monitor would read a 'high' at least! Oh well, plenty of time yet...hoping to ov this weekend, around CD15-16 :\)

    Fingers crossed this thread brings us luck! image
  • Good idea Broody.

    Day 10 for me today and my second low. Roll on those highs and peaks!
  • I'm so pleased the thread has been useful for you guys - thought id come on here to pepper you all with Baby Dust!

    Good luck - ill be checking in on you all!

    R x (with all-day sickness - hurray!)


  • Yay!! Hope you're feeling REALLY ill !! xxx
  • I'm here sarahbear!! Good luck to you too chick. This is gonna be our month! xx. Thanks for the new thread broody, fab idea. xx. Got my second peak today so going to bed early again hehe! Hubby don't know yet, will surprise him in a minute! Baby dust to all! xxx
  • OMG I dont think I am ever going to get the hang of all the codes. I am referring to my little codes that I have posted in word to try and read the threads but what does CBFM mean, its not on my list?? So confused??? x
  • Mrs Bartlett it means Clear Blue Fertility Monitor!

    Thanks for starting this new thread Broody, I'd just joined the old one and found it a nightmare to keep finding where the end was!

    Well I'm on CD3, so have to wait a while before I can BD, hope you're all OK ladies.

    Hopefully some more of us on the new thread will get our BFP's soon

  • Hey there! A second thread was a great idea - I'll be able to follow the conversation now without getting too confused! My cbfm arrived this morning so now I am counting the days down until I can turn it on!
  • Congrats moonandstars, roll on CD1!! xxx
  • Good idea doing the new thread!

    I am on my 1at month of using the CBFM, went from low to peak on day 12, had peak yesterday and high today so I must of ovulated over the weekend. Wasnt expecting to go from low to high bug hey maybe the monitor didnt recognise the changes as 1st month.
    I am so far finding the little gadget a god send, no more stressing if we BD at the right time, at least now we no we are BD at the right times!
    Good luck to everyone, hopefully we will all get our BFP Soon!
  • OK ladies, here is the first sill question! Do we BD on the first day of high or wait til peak? Then how often should we because I thought it should be no more than every other day to give his swimmers time to get strong? But what happens if we BD on high then geg peak the next day?? Silly I know but I'm just not sure! Thanks in advance xxxx
  • Hi girls...

    ...CD12 (11 on cbfm) for me and still 'low'!! Really want my highs/peak to hurry up cuz OH is away the weekend after next and really want to ov before then...no pressure or anything!!!

    ...Rainbow, i BD every other day on a high and on both peak days...if i've BD on the last high before the peak then i'll just do it 3 days in a row to be sure...that's my plan anyway!! :\)
  • My method id the same as yours SparklyFairy -although i am trying to BD on every other day all the way through at the moment.... so it's CD13 for me today... i'm still getting lows... but i plan on BDing tonight and then every other night till i get my peaks! xx
  • Sorry Broody if you've already said this in the other thread but when do you usually get your highs/peaks?

    I'm starting to worry that i'm taking too much EPO which may start delaying ov - looking back over FF, i've usually had a high by now! Oh, why can't i just be patient and wait!
  • Well this is only my 2nd month of using CBFM but on my 1st month lows until CD14...
    Then high on 14,15 & 16....
    The peak 17 & 18
    Then high CD19
    Then lows again!

    But this month... i am on CD 14 tday (I said 13 in my last post but that was wrong)... and i dont have a high today as i hoped i would.

    I'm trying not to worry though coz i've been off the pill for 13mths now and i have never had any cycle the same... so hopefully my highs will start in the next few days! In the meantime, i'm just gonna keep BDing every-other day.
    Romeo gives me loadsa hope coz she never got a peak - kept BDing every other day - and got her BFP!
  • Well fingers crossed we get our highs by the end of the week Broody! PMA for that!!

    That's fab about Romeo - didn't realise she didn't get a peak (really should read the thread, lol!!)... definitely a good plan to keep bd'ing every other day!!

    Feel better now for reading that image
  • Hi Everyone

    im not quite in the CBFM club yet but as soon as AF turns up i shall be joining you ! so just wanted to say good luck to all and fingers crossed for a BFP epidemic !

  • Hi LitteBug! Welcome!

    It's great having a new gadget to play with! xx
  • Rainbow - when I read your post I had my hubby's voice pop into my head to say "BD EVERY DAY" - he is enjoying the practising you see image
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