Position of cervix... (TMI altert)

Hi ladies, I am 8po today and have been having shooting pains in the right hand side of my belly. I've been teary and completely irrational for the last few days. I decided to check my cervix to see what was happening... It's relatively high, but quite soft and feels like 'lips' - not quite sure what this means? Do you think it's possible that I've cracked it and this will be my bfp month? Just really confused, trying not to symptom spot but can't help it!

Advice greatly appreciated!


  • Didnt want to R&R but I'm hopeless at cervix positions. I too am trying and failing to not symptom spot!Good luck.xx
  • According to my diary, before I got my bfp, I think my cervic was low all the time after ov. Sorry if this isn't the news you want to hear.
  • cervix checking isn't the most reliable form of guessing conception as like cm it can differ from person to person. As a general rule most people find that after ov the cervix will start getting lower and harder and then open for af, but if u concieved it CAN remain high and soft but this isn't always the case and the cervix may not go higher until 6-8 weeks pg!!!

    The other problem with CC is that the positions can change dramatically in a couple of hours!!!
    So as u can see its no direct science...but then nothing with ttc ever is!!!!!!

    Good luck honey fingers crossed its good news for u!!
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