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Spotty Skin

Hi all,

Does anyone have anythng they can recommend for spotty skin, I have tired nearly everything.

Any advice ????


  • Hi, i ended up going to doctors for some stuff and it has helped it's called topic solution i think.
  • Slow,

    Thanks for your reply Iam booked in at the doctors on Friday hopefully they will give me somthing.
  • Good luck mum wanna be, really hope they give you something. Make sure you tell them you are ttc as some of the stuff you can't use if pg. The stuff i'm using i should stop if i get pg even tho you put it on your face.
  • I had trouble with spots a couple of years ago and the best thng for them was the new pill I was put on (Yasmin). I doubt you want to go for that option though!
  • Dermalogica products are good,bit pricey but does the job!x
  • hi since i stopped taking the pill my face looks more like a 14 year olds so i went to the docs and told him we were ttc and he gave me some cream for my spots. its called benoxyl 5 cream (or pan oxyl) if yours suggests this cream to ask for the 5% as the 2.5% isnt as good. i now have a clear face and you will notice a difference in about a week. it does contain a bleach so have to be careful with clothing and bedsheets and i use a light coloured towel for my face now but it is fantastic stuff!
  • Thanks girls for all your advice, I will see what the doc says tomorrow.
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