Anyone elses other half let them down with bding??

So this month we are doing the smep yet again
hubby will be all up for it so we will do it the first two
times then always at the crucial stage near or at ov he will
start moaning about "having" to have sex with me.

He insists he wants a baby as much as me but does this every time!

He has ruined yet another cycles chance and I'm being to have
had enough!!! I actually despise him right now!

It feels I'm the only one who's hubby doesn't actually want to have
sex with me!! It's not like I don't make an effort, I put on sexy
underwear and everything. If I don't make the first move, it doesn't happen!
He never ever Makes the first move, whethers it's baby making sex or otherwise.

Whats the fucking point, Grrrrrr!!!!


  • ive just had the same problem! i feel so angry! he's gone up to bed with tooth ache. I know i shoyuldnt be angry but i am! i just feel like y cant he just put up with the pain for 2 minutes (i dont care how long it lasts for) anfd then go 2 bed ha ha ! i think im going insane.... i feel so stupid for feeling like this!
  • I know exactly what you mean ladies, I got my OH to watch the great sperm race with me and that actually explained the whole timing issue to him, I'm not saying he doesn't complain now, there are nights I try everything but it almost starts arguements, but his attitude definitly changed after seeing that, might be worth trying xx
  • thanks i might try that!!!
  • We have seen it. I really think he just doesn't give a fuck. He has been putting off doing his semen anaysis since November. I'm so angry and flustrated!
  • Yep!! My hubby is exactly the same! Its as if he worries when its time for me to ovulate! any other time and its fine!! V frustrating at times!! Its been 12months now and nothing imagexx
  • Yep!! My hubby is exactly the same! Its as if he worries when its time for me to ovulate! any other time and its fine!! V frustrating at times!! Its been 12months now and nothing imagexx
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one. I don't know what to do anymore
    it's really making me resent him, I can't help it!
    Ive tried talking to him but he makes false promises n then gets annoyed if I push it any further, x
  • I had that too. I stopped telling him when it's time and now he thinks nothing of it. It's hard not to say anything but well worth it. X x
  • Could you try witholding all sexual offerings in the few days (or even the week) before ov, in order to make him, erm - gagging for it when the time is right?

    That is my plan next month - it's not that hubby is unwilling, but I actually 'broke' him last month by overdoing it too early, so on the day of the positive OPK there was no chance.

    I have said that next month we are having a good few days off before I am due to ov. I know it's meant to be good to keep the swimmers fresh and BD every 2-3 days, but I figure if it's a choice between slightly older swimmers or no swimmers at all, older swimmers has to be the lesser to two evils right?

    Here's hoping a bit of 'witholding favours' will do the trick! xx
  • I agree with vicsy - try not to let him know when it is if poss. I knwo easier said than done if you have a super reg cycle, but men are a bit dim maybe he still won't notice. I used to tell hubs when ov was, but the sex wasn't as good. I think I had a lot of pressure on me that I'd put on myself coz we were ttc after and mc, and hubs prob felt it too. The month we got our bfp again whenever he asked if I was ov'ing I just winked and said none of your business your wife wants sex with you tonight and that's all you need to know! Didn't tell him til about 4 days after that I'd ov'd.
  • If I withdrew sex for a while he would b happy. If I left it up to hmm we would go months without sex, it's happened before!
  • Baby-princess, my OH sounds just like yours! He's much more willing now than before, but like u, i ALWAYS initiate sex. If we werent trying for a baby or if i didnt want it i dont think we would really have sex, maybe once a month if i was lucky! Frustrating isnt it, esp as if it was the other way round it just wouldnt be acceptable, no man would put up with a woman that never wanted sex! x
  • I think maybe I need to resign to the fact I'm never gonna get pregnant! And if I do, it's going to be by immaculate fucking conception!!!
    Funny because if I would hav got preg this cycle the edd was xmas day so you never know! Xxx
  • I feel like that all the time, u sound just like me! we'll get there hun, we have to believe that but i know if you're anything like me and OH it has put a massive strain on our relationship xx
  • when we was first trying a year or so ago i always told him when i was o'in or showed him my opk and said tonight the night lol, i came to realise he was pressured and felt like he dint wanna have sex as he saw it i was just using him for a baby and if i wasnt ovulatin i wouldnt want sex with him, so this time round im not doing opk just going with the flow and he said if i know when im o'in dont tell him just go with it. xx
  • Thats the route we've decided to go down. Dont like not knowing i've definately OV though haha, it reassures me getting that positive1 xx
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