Is this normal?

Good morning everyone,

Firstly, happy Friday!

Secondly, as I've mentioned in my other posts, I'm new this month to ttc. I have another question that I'm hoping you lovely ladies can help me with.

I came off the pill I'm August I think but was only on it for less than a year, my cycles have historically always been around 28 days. My cycle last month was 27 and I didn't keep track prior to that.

We started trying last Saturday and I was on cd7, I started using the sticks at cd9 and I've still not had my smiley.

I was just wondering what days everyone else usually ov's on of their cycle? I'm beginning to worry that it's not happening because I'm thinking about it and worrying, but I'm not stressing top much.

We have bd'd most days and will continue to do so but i'm just getting a little worried as I assumed I'd have my smiley to indicate I'll be ov'ing soon by now.

Please help reassure me that I'm not broken! image

K xx


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    You may find that you have a slightly shorter luteal phase and ov slightly later than you expect. For instance if you had a luteal phase of 12 days then you wouldn't ov until CD16, in which case you may not get your smiley until Sunday.

    Try not to worry too much (easier said than done!) just keep poas and bd'ing over the weekend and you should be in with a good chance!

    Lucy xx

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  • Does that mean I can still take a pregnancy test on the day af is due? Assuming she doesn't arrive on that day. Or do you need to wait until 14 days after ovulation?

    Thanks for your reply xx
  • No you can still take a test on the day AF is due xx
  • Okay good!

    That's put my mind at ease a bit. Every time I see the circle without it's smiley face I get a bit nervous that it will never happen.

    Websites spend far too much time emphasising cycles being like clockwork! xx
  • You're right! Everything relies on the clockwork cycle but yours sounds good - within a day or two of clockwork even so I'm sure you'll be fine!!

    I got a smiley on cd24 and hit cd100 today with no sign of AF or BFP so no idea what my body's doing! - I'd be pleased right now with something that comes within a month of clockwork!

    Good luck and baby dust xx ;\)
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