A question for all

Who out of all of us went to see the Doctor before you started trying??

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  • Not me, hate them at the best of times! lol! I've always been in good health though, so hope thats still the case!
  • Not me - my doctor is pretty ignorant and sits with his face in a book when you go to see him but the nurse is ok so hopefully when the time comes i will see her instead.
  • I did!

    I'm quite overweight and wanted the Dr's opinion. It wasn't my normal Dr so I was a bit disappointed (my normal Dr is FAB) but she was still great and really nice & supportive.

    She basically told me that overweight people DO and CAN get pregnant and that many overweight women have very easy and healthy pregnancies with no problems.

    She said eating healthier and losing weight before conceiving would be a real bonus but she said it should put us off TTC.

    She told me to take folic acid (which I am) and get a bit more exercise (which so far, I've failed miserably on).

    I was pleased as I was expecting her to be quite off with me about it.

    She appreciated I'd asked her thoughts and they are pleased its on my records that we're TTC.

    Sorry that was a lot about weight!!!

  • I went to see my GP, mainly because I wanted to check my rubella immunity. I'd already started taking folic acid and I knew all about what I was allowed to eat and drink. I also wanted to check whether I should have a smear test done before I started trying (and I was told I wasn't due for another test for several months and they wouldn't do it early).

    I didn't really want advice on anything else as we just planned to stop using contraception and see what happened. It was nice to get the all clear about rubella so I knew I was safe to start trying too. And we were pregnant by the following month!

    I'd say it's only necessary if you have specific questions or want specific checks done. Otherwise they will just be telling you to relax and enjoy the process!
  • Similar to soniamc, I went to check on the rubella as had it donkeys years ago. I was already taking folic acid, but only just and wasn't aware they suggest taking 3 months before ttc. I didn't know if there was anything else I should be taking so wanted to visit. Mines really nice though, always willing to help unlike many!
  • Thanks Girls i have heard some people say girls should go before trying but I never did. I am in bewteen doctors right now anyway and will have to make an app with the nurse soon so will talk to her then but like most of you i am taking the Folic acid and just eating better cut out tea and coffee and drinking more water. The exercise i have not managed yet LOL

  • Hiya i did! But, he wasnt particurly brilliant! told us it takes between 6-12 months and to return if i hadnt got my BFP by then! grrrr!! i didnt really see the point in his advice so i wouldnt say going helped me at all - although he was right, it happened on month 6! lol xx
  • I did not think it would be worth me going to see mine. He is not very nice i always feel like he thinks he is doing me a favour? I have just joined a new place though have to wait a couple of days aftere filling the reg form to make app's so wont be able to make an app till next week.

    I pray to god they are nicer in my old place every time i went to see a nurse it was a different one. I like seeing the same people so they get to know me esp if we are thinking of having a baby now.

  • I have'nt bothered. Im up to date on my smears and am taking Folic Acid. x
  • Didn't see the dr. Taking Pregnacare, and know I should lose weight. But also know bigger ladies get pg all the time!


  • I am taking pregnacare as well man they are like bullets!!!! I am a size 12 o 14 and eat rubbish though am trying to eat better and do no excerise at all. Just started to walk to the station further way and home as well so thats about half an hour there and then I walk from the station to work so thats another 20 mins there.

    k xxxx
  • At least you're trying K-lou. I walk up and down a hospital ward all day, but doesn't seem to help! That is my limited exercise though, apart from walking to the car park!

    Will try more when I get pregnant, even if it's just to prevent DVT's!! lol


  • I didnt go to the doctors either. I've been waiting until we're married (32 days to go!) as somehow I feel they might take me more seriously then. Stupid I know! x
  • I didn't go to the docs when we were trying and in retrospect I'm glad, as when I went to tel him I was pregnant he looked at me blankly and said, "then it's the midwife you need to see, not me"!!

    Bloody men.
  • Nope, i didn't. When i go and talk to him about no af etc etc he is pretty hopeless.
  • I did speak to the dr this time just really coz we were ttc soo soon after having Zara but she said there should be no problems & wished me luck & said if nothing had happened by aug to come & see her & she would prescribe me clomid ( I needed it ttc Zara) She is really nice & I tink being a woman she can have a bit of empathy to the situation which helps
  • I went to docs a couple of months before coming off pill to answer some queries I had (it's my first attempt) because of previous medical history. She was really nice and helpful and even said to me ''it makes a nice change for someone to be thinking in advance and planning - than coming in after the event has happened!. That made me chuckle!! Although it is a nightmare to get an appt in my surgery, the docs are pretty good and helpful once you are there!
  • I didn't go in specifically for this but told them last year when I went for my last Depo jab that it would be my last one and we were planning to start TTC once AF had returned. They were really helpful and just gave advice on folic acid, diet etc, I also had swabs done just to make sure everything was ok. I'm glad I went now as at least they have it on their records. I suppose it makes it easier if you've got a nice doc who's happy for you though, don't think i'd have mentioned it if i'd had one like some of yours though lol! x
  • i think you can still plan and be perpare without seeing a doctor, i am happy that i am not the only one who never went :0) My doctors are rubbish i have to wait three weeks till i even get an app!!!

  • I sent to the doctors for another problem and mentioned it to the locum then and basically got told ..... No don't do it, wait til you are married at least a year and enjoy yourself. Don't get tied down with babies, they take over your life for ever, go and have fun!
    I have obviously completely ignored his advice and when I go back to say I am pregnant (lots of pma here) I'll make sure I get my usual lady doctor!!!
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