Hey chook, read on the SMEP post that you were huffy about not being that far in your cycle - where are you in your cycle? Maybe I could be your buddy?!



  • hi hun. my very own post

    im am cd14 but probably wont ov till cd20. when do you usually
  • Thought it would tickle you and I haven't started a new post in a while, lol!

    I usually ov cd14, but last month AF was late by 4 whole bloody days so am not sure now, keeping an eye on those OV sticks! We'll probably end up on roughly the same day. It'll be nice to have someone to help me to not poas too early! xxx
  • that would be good, did you use opk's last
  • Nah, first month this month. I didn't think I needed to cos my first two cycles after coming off the pill were 28 days. Last month screwed me up, damn witch! Lol!

    Fingers crossed that combined the rude fruit and SMEP will do their jobs! First month of SMEP for you? xxx
  • we kinda tried it a few months back but got caught out when ov came early so im completly prepared this month and have started poas earlier this time. my cycles are 37days so everything takes forever although they have been as short as 33days so you never
  • Bless you hun, that must be soo frustrating! Keeping fingers crossed for you that its shorter this month, less to wait! My DH thinks its hilarious that I have to actually poas! xxx

    I keep willing my body to OV lol!
  • me too lol. oh asks every night what the stick says, he's just hoping for all the extra bdancing he gets round ov

    you know sometimes i think the wait for ov is just as bad as the 2ww.
  • It is! I still have no peak, but hey! Me and DH are finding it tricky to stick to the non-bd days! lol! xxx
  • you know we are as well. over the last few months be have been bdancing loads but i started to worry that we were doing it too much so thats why we trying smep this month. ov test was still neg today but second line i getting stronger and im getting pains so hoping im
  • OOh, good luck chook. No peak on my opk yet so am sulking, but have loads of ov symptoms - day 13 so will have to wait to bd till tomorrow (more sulking!) lol!
  • hi hun, im still geting loads of pain but no ewcm and no pos opk. have done a couple of ov calculators and they are saying sat sun so fingers crossed. its cd16 today so we bd
  • Ooh good luck for sun chook, cd14 today and nowt, but hey, my last cycle was 32 days so have a few days to go possibly! xxx
  • hi hun, my opks still neg but i think im getting more cm and even more pain so i think i will be the weekend. look like we will be oving around the same time.xxxxx
  • Yay! This month will be a goodun, I have lots of PMA this month! Already thinking about ss, lol!

    I swear if me and hubby went out to a club, got wrecked and had a drunken fumble we'd be pregnant by now! I used to think it was that easy! Lol! xxx
  • your probably right hun, all those years you spend trying to stop yourself getting preg than you try to and it doesnt matter.

    i have a lo already who is 3, i came off the pill and bang i was pregnant didnt even get a proper af. so finding it pretty hard this time
  • Wow you were lucky to get pregnant so quickly after coming off the pill! You'll get there sweetie, this month will be our month! Got a positive on the OPK yesterday, hows you doing?! xxx
  • hi hun, hopefully be our month. i got my pos opk today so thinking ov will be tomorrow or tues. im a tad hungover so have to find the energy to
  • Lol! Down plenty of orange juice and have an evening fry up, that should do it! Ha ha! Good luck sweetie! xxx
  • lol, oh is making dinner and im starving now so hopefully i will feel great
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