Tarot Cards

I am just back from having my tarot cards read and she said she could see a baby in the next 3 or 4 months. She could see that I was very impatient and wanted a baby now and each time it doesn't happen I think my body has something wrong with it but she can defintely see it happening sooner rather then later. She also said that the libra sign was going to be significant and if she is correct in it bein 3 or 4 months then that would be leading up to October!!!

Over all I was very disappointed though. It didn't start of too well when she asked who the man in my life was at the moment and why was he so scared about marriage - we got married last october !!!:roll:


  • hi i had my hand read twice and both times i was told i would have twins and i was more maternal than career driven they were right about wanting kids more than a career but had 2 prmotions in 2 months so don't know what to think cause still no baby grrrrr
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