Anyone else feeling like it will never happen ?

I am trying to stay positive but getting more desperate by the day. My babies would have been about 7 weeks old this week. I am starting to feel like it is never going to happen.

I have also had some blood tests back this week which test postive for Hughes syndrome (sticky blood) I am just feeling Really really desperate.


  • ah hun i hope you are ok. it will happen one day,try and stay positive and rememeber we are all here to help and listen when you need us. ive not long joined this ite but i think all the girls are great here. hope you feel more positive soon and that your blood tests come back ok for you x
  • I keep trying to tell myself everyday thing positive.

    I will probably be starting my medication very soon without it there is a 90 percent chance of m/c again.

    I really dont know how i will cope if it happens again
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