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Everyone :D

Thank you for my dedications today :lol:

I just wanted to say as some of you may have noticed i am not shy and i WILL ask something if i feel i need some sort of answer. I never mean to offend anyone at all, i love all the BE ladies to pieces, especially my TTC ladies.

Sometimes people may look at my posts and think "duh" or think i am stupid but as i said to someone else on their post i am only 22 and i do not know anything. I know how much i want a baby etc but with some of my other posts i ask the questions because it is something i wonder and like my mum says "if you don't ask you'll never know".

I hope none of you ladies EVER take my posts to heart or think they are offensive as i would never do that. Sometimes i just need a good ole' rant!!!

So ladies, if you ever want to know anything but daren't ask just email me and i will happily do it image:lol:

Thanks to everyone who reads this, i do love all the BE ladies to bits and you are so kind with your words of advice and your help!!!

Lots of love and Christmassy kisses

Tink xxxxxxxxxx


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