god im irritating myself ARGH!!!!

hi ladies xx

ive now done 3 preg tests and they have all come back negative!

i should have come on, on the 20th of march and ive had nothing, im just getting so fed up with the bloody tests coming back negative and af not coming, atleast if 1 or the other turned up i would know what was going on.

i used the ebay cheapys and now i dont know weather to go buy some superdrug ones tomorrow. do i even bother?

the thing is i checked a on line due date calculater and it said that IF i was pregnant i would be 5 weeks, surley that would show up on a hpt???

AARRGGHH!!!! im just getting really fed up with myself xx

sorry to moan ladies xxx

sprinkles of baby dust to u all xxx


  • Buy a superdrug or FR!!! I did a tesco at 6 weeks preg and only got a v v v faint line, so it could just be dud tests. Get some 'proper' ones and test again with fmu!!

    Good luck hon xxx
  • i agree with garfield24, good luck xxxx
  • chees ladies xx ive just bought the superdrugs ones and will do it tomorrow morning xxx was just thinking with my 1st pregnancy i found out when i was 8 weeks gone, it didnt show up on the preg test till then, so might wait a little longer and if it still says negative and af doesnt turn up i will go to the docs xxx
  • good plan hun! xxxxx
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