FAO - K-Lou

Hey Hunni, how are you doing?

You alwasy have so much PMA, please can you share some of what you have with me today.. PLZ!!!



  • Here you go babe it's coming at ya ***********PMA**********

    I am ok thank you, am a little worried i have missed OV but there is not much i can do about it now.

    Are you ok??

    K xx

  • Thanks Sweetie!

    All sounds pretty positive hun so i dont think you have missed it. If you think you are OV today and you BD last night then you have got it spot on. Was reading on line last night and they say its better to BD the day before so the sperm are all ready inplace! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Im doing ok... feeling abit miserable today.Conviced my body is going to fail me! Had a BFN this morning and thinking back i dont think i even ovulated this month. I think my body is going to take a while to get back to normal after taking the pill so long. I have booked reflexology for next week and going to take agnus cactus from tomorrow so doing all i can, just have to be patient!!!

  • Your welcome image

    I guess i am just worried as I had Thrush last week so we could not bd after I finished my AF and then i was away the weekend so sunday CD13 was the first time we did anything? I am hoping that will be enough but there is nothing i can do about it now so i need to not worry about it. Will bd till maybe sunday.

    How long have you been off the pill? I came off about 4 months ago now and this is my 3rd month trying. I am not even sure i OV'd now the first two months as I had no EWCM and this month i did so i am hoping this is a sign my body is settleing down. It will happen for you honey how long have you been trying again?

    k xx


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