Hi girls, back chatting with you xx

Hi everyone. I've been off the site for just under a month. Had a MC at end of May, We're not trying for another month or two. But i figured i'd say hello to you all. How has everyone been? Who got a wonderful BFP whilst i was away?!? xxx Megs xxx


  • Hi Megs, good to hear you are back. Hope you are keeping ok and holding it together. No BFP here i'm afraid just PCOS.
  • Oh no SLOW, i've never really known alot about PCOS. What can they do to improve your chances?? xxx
  • Ohhh minimonkey, im so sorry to hear your news hun! I hope to see you on here soon when your good and ready. Take care of yourself hun. Debs xxx
  • Hi minimonkey, nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your mc but good luck to you for when you try again.
  • hi minimonkey - good to hear form you. sorry to hear about mc - hope you are recovering ok.
    lots of sticky babydust for when you start ttc again - good luck hun xxx
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