Am I ovulating..............TMI!


I am a bit confused and thought you might be able to help me?!

I had a 40 day cycle last month so was expecting to ovulate around day 26 going by average luteal phase.

I am on day 15 today, and since yesterday have had low mild period type pain. Also I had CM that was really thick, sticky and clear - a bit like the glue that sticks your new bank cards to the paper but thinner. Is this EWCM?? Am I ovulating and should start manically BD??!! :lol:


  • Sounds like it!!
    I would BD anyway - just to be on the safe side!
    Good Luck.
  • CM info sounds promising! go for it, if nothing else, you'll have fun!! image
  • Thanks - maybe this cycle might be shorter if that's the case!! Typical it happens the day OH has to work late!!

  • That's true!!! lol!! I was confused by the EWCM but maybe I understand it now!!

  • Hi,

    Sounds like it to me. Before I even found out about ovulation pains I went to the gps as was getting crippling stomach pains mid-cycle. Even went for scan to check internals o.k. Thankfully they were and it is a good indication that you are ovulating. CM would also suggest so too.
    Get him strapped down dear!!!!
  • off the topic but how do you get that ticker counter on each post, i have one but can't work out how to put it on?!
  • Hi Cb

    Mine was from and it is the BCC (i think?) code. HTML does not work on here. You have to save it somewhere and literally copy and paste it everytime you post a message!!

    I need to get OH home now!! lol!!

  • testing my ticker

    hang in there immense!!

  • nope!! lol lol :lol:

    I'll try again!
  • Is it the right code? I think you have the html code (top one on lilypie). You need the BBC code - the 2nd one!!


  • da daahh!!

  • Yay!! You got it!!

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