No 2ww for me!

Unfortunately my donor was unable to make it this month, so I'm out until this time next month. I'm going to try and lose a stone by then and generally be more healthy. Good luck to those of you on 2ww at the moment.xx


  • oh hun sorry image
    good luck with losing your weight and healthy plan.
    i hope he can do next month - fingers crossed.
    big hugs xxx
  • oh dear- hope he can make it next month and good luck with the weight loss xxxx
  • Gd luck for next month hun, and with the diet, im on one myself and NEED chocolate...ok i night not need it but i bloody want it!!! xxxxxxx
  • oh bugger, that's a shame. At least you won't have a horrible 2ww to put up with (although i expect you would probably rather have one) I really hope he'll be able to make next month for you.
    p.s. good luck with the diet
  • good luck for next month hun hope you reach your target weight xxx
  • Oh Helen, that's really unfortunate. All the more wine for you then!

    Hope you pin him down for next month.
  • What a shame. Enjoy a ttc obssessing free month. Build up PMA for next month. xx
  • I am, for some reason,filled with pma so will direct it towards the diet. It is nice to think that I wont be symptom spotting for the next fortnight and I am sure that my donor will be able to do next month-I did know that it was unlikely this month so I'm not that disappointed.
  • Lots of babydust for next month hun - let's hope it all works for you then!! Good luck on the diet too - if you need any tips you can always ask as I have recently lost 2stone with WW!!
  • Thankyou,well done on the weightloss. I joined ww online on monday as I wasnt sticking to it without the motivation of having paid!!!xx
  • Oh thats a shame, still it will be a relaxing few weeks for you now! Good luck for next month, and with the diet xx

  • sorry to hear that good luck for next month. and good luck with the weight loos. ive also got a stone to loose b4 i go on hol in 5weeks time
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